Planning a vacation to Hawaii? Don’t let your hotel experience be a letdown!

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer to your question: There are several disappointing aspects you should watch out for in hotels in Hawaii.

In this article, we will explore some common disappointments that travelers may encounter when staying in hotels in Hawaii.

From overpriced amenities to noisy surroundings, we’ll cover it all, helping you make informed decisions for a memorable stay in paradise.

1. Unreasonably High Prices

When it comes to hotels in Hawaii, one of the most disappointing aspects is the unreasonably high prices. Many travelers are shocked by the cost of accommodations on the islands, especially considering that they are often paying a premium for a beachfront location or a room with a view. The inflated prices can make it difficult for budget-conscious travelers to find affordable options.

Hidden resort fees

One factor that contributes to the high prices in Hawaiian hotels is the prevalence of hidden resort fees. These fees, which are often not included in the initial price of the room, can add a significant amount to the total cost of a stay. These fees are meant to cover amenities such as pool access, Wi-Fi, and gym facilities, but many travelers feel that they are an unnecessary and unfair additional expense.

Expensive dining options

Another disappointment for many hotel guests in Hawaii is the high cost of dining options. While the islands offer a wide variety of delicious cuisine, enjoying a meal at a hotel restaurant can often come with a hefty price tag. This can be particularly frustrating for travelers who are looking to experience the local flavors but find themselves priced out of the hotel’s dining options.

Additional charges for amenities

In addition to hidden resort fees, some hotels in Hawaii also charge extra for amenities that are typically included in the price at other hotels. For example, parking fees, beach chair rentals, and even access to the hotel’s fitness center can come with additional charges. These extra fees can quickly add up and leave guests feeling nickel-and-dimed during their stay.

Looking for more information on hotel prices in Hawaii? Check out Hawaii Magazine’s insider guide for a comprehensive breakdown of the costs you can expect to encounter.

2. Lack of Privacy

Thin walls and noisy neighbors

One of the most disappointing aspects of hotels in Hawaii is the lack of privacy due to thin walls and noisy neighbors. While enjoying your stay in paradise, you may find yourself being disturbed by the sounds of conversations, TV shows, or even footsteps coming from the adjacent rooms. It can be frustrating when you are trying to relax or get a good night’s sleep, and you can hear every word of your neighbors’ conversations. Unfortunately, this is a common issue in many hotels, as the construction materials used may not provide adequate sound insulation.

Limited personal space in common areas

Another aspect that may disappoint some travelers is the limited personal space in common areas of hotels in Hawaii. While these areas, such as lobbies, pools, or restaurants, are meant to be enjoyed by all guests, it can sometimes feel crowded and overwhelming. Especially during peak travel seasons, finding a quiet spot or a comfortable seat may be a challenge. This lack of personal space can make it difficult to fully relax and enjoy the amenities that the hotel has to offer.

Lack of soundproofing

In addition to thin walls, another factor that contributes to the lack of privacy in hotels in Hawaii is the lack of soundproofing. This means that not only can you hear noises from neighboring rooms, but you can also be easily disturbed by sounds coming from outside the hotel. Whether it’s street noise, construction work, or even the crashing waves, these external sounds can disrupt your peace and quiet. While some hotels may invest in soundproofing measures, it is not always a guarantee, and it can be disappointing when you realize that your stay may not be as tranquil as you had hoped.

Despite these disappointing aspects, there are measures you can take to minimize the impact on your stay. You can try using earplugs or white noise machines to drown out the noise, or you can request a room in a quieter area of the hotel. Additionally, reading reviews and choosing a hotel with positive feedback regarding noise levels can also help ensure a more peaceful experience.

3. Inadequate Cleanliness

When it comes to hotels in Hawaii, cleanliness is a crucial aspect that can greatly impact the overall guest experience. Unfortunately, some hotels fall short in this area, leading to disappointment for visitors.

Unclean bathrooms and bedding

One of the most disappointing aspects of some hotels in Hawaii is the lack of cleanliness in the bathrooms and bedding. Guests may encounter dirty toilets, stained towels, or even bed bugs, which can quickly turn a dream vacation into a nightmare. It is essential for hotels to prioritize regular deep cleaning and ensure that all linens are properly washed to maintain a fresh and hygienic environment.

Inefficient housekeeping services

Another aspect that can contribute to inadequate cleanliness is inefficient housekeeping services. Some hotels may not have enough staff or fail to properly train their housekeeping team, resulting in subpar cleaning standards. Guests may find their rooms are not cleaned thoroughly or that basic amenities like toiletries or fresh towels are not replenished in a timely manner. This can leave visitors feeling frustrated and dissatisfied with their stay.

Persistent pest problems

Pest problems can be a major disappointment for guests staying at hotels in Hawaii. While the tropical climate of the islands can attract insects and other pests, it is the responsibility of the hotel management to address these issues promptly and effectively. No one wants to share their room with unwanted critters, and it is crucial for hotels to implement proactive pest control measures to maintain a clean and pest-free environment for their guests.

It is important for hotels in Hawaii to prioritize cleanliness in order to provide a positive and enjoyable experience for their guests. By addressing these issues, hotels can ensure that visitors have a clean and comfortable stay, enhancing their overall impression of the hotel and increasing the likelihood of return visits and positive reviews.

4. Inconvenient Location

One disappointing aspect of hotels in Hawaii is their inconvenient location. Many hotels are far from popular attractions, making it difficult for tourists to explore and enjoy the beauty of the islands. Visitors who stay in these hotels may find themselves spending a significant amount of time and money on transportation just to reach their desired destinations.

Far from popular attractions

Some hotels in Hawaii are located far away from the popular attractions that draw tourists to the islands. For example, if you’re staying in a hotel on the Big Island but want to visit the iconic Waikiki Beach on Oahu, you’ll have to endure a long flight or ferry ride. This inconvenience can dampen the overall experience and limit the time spent enjoying the attractions.

Lack of nearby amenities

In addition to being far from popular attractions, many hotels in Hawaii also lack nearby amenities. This means that guests may have to travel long distances just to find basic necessities, such as grocery stores or pharmacies. It can be frustrating to have to leave the hotel premises every time you need something, especially if you’re on a relaxing vacation.

Difficulty accessing transportation

Another aspect of inconvenient location is the difficulty in accessing transportation. Some hotels may not have easy access to public transportation options, making it challenging for guests to explore the surrounding areas. Renting a car might be the only viable option, which can be expensive and inconvenient for travelers who prefer not to drive during their vacation.

While not all hotels in Hawaii suffer from inconvenient locations, it is important to research and choose a hotel that is centrally located or easily accessible to the attractions and amenities you wish to enjoy during your stay. Planning ahead and considering the location of your hotel can significantly enhance your overall experience in Hawaii.

5. Limited Facilities and Services

Outdated or non-functional facilities

One of the disappointing aspects of hotels in Hawaii is the presence of outdated or non-functional facilities. Despite being known for their breathtaking beaches and natural beauty, some hotels fail to keep up with modern standards. You might find yourself in a room with outdated furniture, malfunctioning air conditioning, or a bathroom that hasn’t been renovated in years. This can definitely put a damper on your vacation experience.

Lack of recreational activities

Another disappointment you might encounter in Hawaiian hotels is the lack of recreational activities. While Hawaii offers a plethora of outdoor adventures, not all hotels provide the same level of recreational opportunities. Some hotels may lack amenities such as swimming pools, fitness centers, or even basic sports facilities. This can be disappointing for travelers who want to stay active and enjoy various leisure activities during their stay.

Inattentive or unhelpful staff

The quality of service provided by hotel staff can greatly impact your overall experience. Unfortunately, some hotels in Hawaii may have inattentive or unhelpful staff members. From check-in to check-out, you may encounter staff who are not responsive to your needs or who lack the warmth and hospitality that you would expect in a vacation destination. This can make your stay feel less welcoming and leave you feeling disappointed.

6. Misleading Online Representations

When it comes to booking hotels in Hawaii, one of the most disappointing aspects is the misleading online representations. Many travelers have experienced the frustration of arriving at a hotel only to find that it looks nothing like the photos they saw online.

Inaccurate photos and descriptions

Hotels often go to great lengths to make their properties look as appealing as possible in photos. However, some establishments take this to the extreme, using photo editing software to enhance the appearance of their rooms and facilities. As a result, when guests arrive, they are met with a reality that falls far short of their expectations.

Overstated hotel ratings

Another misleading aspect of online representations is the overstated hotel ratings. Some hotels may manipulate their ratings by encouraging guests to leave positive reviews in exchange for incentives. This can create a false impression of the hotel’s quality and lead to disappointment when guests realize that it does not live up to its high rating.

Misleading guest reviews

While guest reviews can be a valuable source of information when researching hotels, they can also be misleading. Some establishments may post fake positive reviews or delete negative ones to maintain a positive image. It is important to approach guest reviews with skepticism and look for patterns or inconsistencies in the feedback.

When booking a hotel in Hawaii, it is crucial to do thorough research and not solely rely on the online representations. Checking multiple sources, such as travel forums and reputable review websites, can provide a more accurate picture of what to expect. Additionally, reaching out to fellow travelers who have visited Hawaii can provide valuable insights and recommendations.

7. Poor Customer Service

One of the most disappointing aspects of hotels in Hawaii is the poor customer service experienced by guests. While the beautiful scenery and luxurious accommodations may initially attract visitors, the lack of quality service can quickly overshadow the entire experience. Here are a few specific areas where hotels often fall short:

Unresponsive or dismissive staff

One common complaint is the unresponsiveness or dismissive attitude of hotel staff. Guests may find it frustrating when their requests or inquiries go unanswered or are met with indifference. This can create a sense of dissatisfaction and make guests feel unimportant or undervalued.

Lack of assistance with issues

Another aspect of poor customer service is the lack of assistance provided by hotel staff when issues arise. Whether it’s a problem with the room, a noisy neighbor, or a malfunctioning amenity, guests expect prompt and efficient resolution. However, some hotels fail to address these issues in a timely manner, leaving guests feeling frustrated and unsupported.

Slow resolution of complaints

Additionally, the slow resolution of complaints can be a major disappointment for guests. When problems are brought to the attention of hotel management, guests hope for a quick and satisfactory resolution. However, some hotels may take an extended period of time to address the issue, leaving guests feeling frustrated and dissatisfied with their overall experience.

It’s important for hotels in Hawaii to prioritize customer service and ensure that guests feel valued and well taken care of during their stay. By addressing these issues and improving the overall customer experience, hotels can create a positive and memorable stay for their guests.


While Hawaii is renowned for its natural beauty and vibrant culture, not all hotels live up to the expectations of travelers.

By being aware of the potential disappointments, you can take proactive steps to avoid them and ensure a more enjoyable stay.

Researching hotels thoroughly, reading guest reviews, and comparing prices and amenities will help you make the right choice for a memorable Hawaiian getaway.

Don’t let a disappointing hotel experience dampen your spirits in paradise!

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