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Experience the Best of Jamaica at Hotel Riu Montego Bay

Jamaica is a destination that promises fun, relaxation, and adventure all in one. If you are planning a trip to Jamaica, you can’t miss out on the Hotel Riu Montego Bay. With its prime location, top-notch facilities, and exceptional hospitality, this hotel has everything you need to make your Jamaican vacation unforgettable.


Beachfront Property

Hotel Riu Montego Bay is a beachfront property located in Mahoe Bay, just outside of Montego Bay. The resort sits on a beautiful stretch of white sand beach, which is perfect for swimming and sunbathing. Guests can enjoy stunning views of the Caribbean Sea and nearby lush mountains from their rooms or while lounging on the beach.

The beach at Hotel Riu Montego Bay is one of the main attractions of the property. The clear blue waters are perfect for snorkeling or taking a dip to cool off from the warm Jamaican sun. There are also plenty of lounge chairs and umbrellas available for guests to relax under while enjoying the ocean breeze.

For those looking for a bit more adventure, the resort offers a variety of water sports activities such as kayaking, windsurfing, and paddleboarding. The beachfront location also provides easy access to nearby excursions such as deep-sea fishing, catamaran tours, and scuba diving trips.

Close To Montego Bay’S Top Attractions

The Hotel Riu Montego Bay is perfectly located close to some of Montego Bay’s top attractions, making it an ideal destination for travelers who want to explore the city. Located just a few minutes away from the Sangster International Airport, the hotel is easily accessible and offers guests a convenient location to explore the city.

One of the most popular attractions near the hotel is the famous Montego Bay Hip Strip. This lively area is home to a variety of shops, restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. Visitors can enjoy live music, dancing, and delicious Jamaican cuisine while taking in the sights and sounds of the city.

Another must-see attraction near the hotel is Doctor’s Cave Beach. This beautiful white sand beach is known for its crystal-clear waters and is a popular spot for swimming, snorkeling, and sunbathing. Visitors can also take a glass-bottom boat tour to see the colorful marine life that inhabits the surrounding coral reefs.

For those interested in history and culture, the Rose Hall Great House is a must-visit attraction. This historic plantation house dates back to the 18th century and offers visitors a glimpse into Jamaica’s rich history. Guests can take a guided tour of the property and learn about the legends and stories associated with the house.


Rooms And Suites With Ocean Views

Hotel Riu Montego Bay offers a wide range of rooms and suites with ocean views to cater to the needs of different types of travelers. All of the rooms are designed in a contemporary style with Caribbean-inspired decor, providing a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.

The standard rooms at Hotel Riu Montego Bay come with either one king bed or two double beds. These rooms offer partial ocean views and come equipped with modern amenities such as air conditioning, satellite TV, mini-fridge, and a balcony or terrace to enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

The hotel also offers junior suites with ocean views that feature a separate living area and a sofa bed. These suites are perfect for families or groups of friends traveling together. They come with a king-size bed or two double beds and offer stunning ocean views from the private balcony or terrace.

For those looking for a more luxurious experience, the hotel’s Jacuzzi suites with ocean views are an excellent option. These suites come with a king-size bed, a separate living area with a sofa bed, and a private Jacuzzi on the balcony or terrace overlooking the ocean.

All of the rooms and suites at Hotel Riu Montego Bay are well-maintained and cleaned daily by the hotel staff. Guests can enjoy a comfortable stay with breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea.


Modern Amenities And Comforts

The Hotel Riu Montego Bay offers modern amenities and comforts to ensure that guests have a comfortable and enjoyable stay. The rooms are equipped with air conditioning, ceiling fans, and satellite TV to provide a comfortable environment for guests. The hotel also provides free Wi-Fi throughout the property, allowing guests to stay connected with family and friends during their stay.

The rooms at the Hotel Riu Montego Bay are designed with comfort in mind. The beds are comfortable, and the linens are of high quality to ensure a good night’s sleep for guests. Each room has a private balcony or terrace with views of the gardens or the sea, providing a peaceful retreat for guests to relax and unwind.

For those who want to stay active during their vacation, the hotel has a fitness center with modern equipment. Guests can work out while enjoying views of the ocean. There are also tennis courts and beach volleyball courts for those who enjoy outdoor activities.

The hotel has several restaurants that offer a variety of cuisine options. Guests can enjoy traditional Jamaican dishes, as well as international cuisine. There are also several bars on the property, including a swim-up bar, where guests can enjoy a refreshing drink while soaking up the sun.

In addition to these amenities, the hotel offers a variety of services to make guests’ stays more comfortable. These include 24-hour reception, concierge service, and daily housekeeping. The hotel also offers laundry service, currency exchange, and car rental services.


International Buffet

Hotel Riu Montego Bay offers a variety of dining options to its guests. One of the most popular dining options is the International Buffet, which serves a wide range of dishes from around the world.

The International Buffet at Hotel Riu Montego Bay is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Guests can enjoy a delicious breakfast with a variety of fresh fruits, cereals, pastries, and hot dishes. For lunch and dinner, the buffet offers an extensive selection of salads, meats, fish, pasta, and desserts.

The chefs at the International Buffet use only the freshest ingredients to prepare their dishes. They also cater to different dietary needs, including vegetarian and gluten-free options. The restaurant has a casual dress code, so guests can enjoy their meals in a relaxed atmosphere.

The International Buffet at Hotel Riu Montego Bay is highly recommended by guests who have stayed at the hotel. It offers a great dining experience with a variety of options to suit every taste.

Specialty Restaurants

Hotel Riu Montego Bay offers a variety of dining options to cater to the diverse tastes and preferences of its guests. For those looking for a unique culinary experience, the hotel boasts several specialty restaurants that offer an array of delectable dishes.

Sir Richard is one of the specialty restaurants at Hotel Riu Montego Bay. This restaurant offers a sophisticated atmosphere with a menu that features international cuisine. Guests can enjoy dishes such as lobster, steak, and sushi, all prepared with the freshest ingredients. The restaurant also has an extensive wine list that complements the dishes perfectly.

Krystal is another specialty restaurant that is highly recommended for guests who want to try something new. It serves fusion cuisine, combining flavors from different regions of the world. The restaurant has an elegant ambiance, perfect for a romantic dinner or a special occasion.

In addition to these two specialty restaurants, the hotel also has a Steakhouse that offers mouth-watering cuts of meat, grilled to perfection. The Italian Restaurant serves classic Italian dishes such as pasta and pizza, while the Japanese Restaurant offers sushi, teppanyaki, and other Japanese specialties.

Restaurant Name Specialty Cuisine
Sir Richard International Cuisine
Krystal Fusion Cuisine
Steakhouse Grilled Meat
Italian Restaurant Italian Cuisine
Japanese Restaurant Japanese Cuisine

It is worth noting that reservations are required for all specialty restaurants at Hotel Riu Montego Bay. This ensures that guests have an enjoyable dining experience and receive the best possible service.

24-Hour Room Service

Hotel Riu Montego Bay is a luxurious resort located in the north-western coast of Jamaica. The resort offers a plethora of dining options to its guests, including 24-hour room service.

The 24-hour room service at Hotel Riu Montego Bay is an excellent option for guests who prefer to dine in the comfort of their own room or suite. This service is available round-the-clock, which means that guests can order food and drinks at any time of the day or night.

The menu for the 24-hour room service at Hotel Riu Montego Bay includes a wide range of dishes, from light snacks to full meals. Guests can choose from a variety of international cuisines, including Jamaican, Italian, and Asian. The room service menu also includes a selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

To order room service, guests can simply call the dedicated room service number provided in their room or suite. The food and drinks will be delivered to their door within a reasonable amount of time.


Water Sports

Hotel Riu Montego Bay is a beachfront resort that offers guests an array of activities to enjoy during their stay. One of the most popular activities at the resort is water sports, which are available for all ages and skill levels.

Guests can take advantage of the crystal-clear Caribbean waters by participating in a variety of water sports activities such as snorkeling, kayaking, windsurfing, and stand-up paddleboarding. The hotel provides all the necessary equipment and gear for guests to use free of charge.

The hotel also offers a range of motorized water sports activities for an additional fee. These include jet skiing, parasailing, and banana boat rides. For those who want to explore the underwater world, the hotel has a PADI-certified scuba diving center that offers lessons for beginners and guided dives for experienced divers.

For guests who prefer a more relaxing water experience, the hotel has several swimming pools, including one with a swim-up bar. There is also a Jacuzzi and a children’s pool for younger guests to enjoy.

Live Entertainment

Hotel Riu Montego Bay offers a variety of activities for guests to enjoy during their stay. One of the most popular activities is live entertainment, which takes place every night at the resort. Guests can sit back, relax and enjoy performances by talented musicians, dancers, and other entertainers.

The live entertainment at Hotel Riu Montego Bay is diverse and includes everything from reggae bands to fire dancers. The resort also hosts themed parties where guests can dance the night away under the stars. Some of the popular themes include beach parties, Caribbean nights, and disco parties.

Guests can check the resort’s daily schedule to see what type of live entertainment is available during their stay. The entertainment is suitable for all ages, making it a perfect activity for families or couples looking for a romantic evening out.

If you’re interested in exploring the local music scene, there are several venues in Montego Bay that offer live entertainment. One of the most popular places is Pier 1, a waterfront bar and restaurant that hosts live music every night. Another great option is Margaritaville, a lively spot that offers a range of entertainment options including live music, karaoke, and a rooftop bar with stunning views of the ocean.

Website Description Pier 1 – Waterfront bar and restaurant Margaritaville – Lively spot with live music, karaoke and rooftop bar

Kid’S Club

Hotel Riu Montego Bay offers a variety of activities for all ages, including a Kid’s Club. The Kid’s Club is an excellent option for parents who want to enjoy some time alone while their children are having fun in a safe and supervised environment.

The Kid’s Club at Hotel Riu Montego Bay is designed for children aged 4 to 12 years old. It is open daily from 10 am to 5 pm and offers a range of activities such as arts and crafts, games, and sports. The hotel’s trained staff ensures that the children are well taken care of and entertained throughout their stay at the club.

Parents can drop off their children at the Kid’s Club and go on excursions or relax by the pool. They can also join their children for some family-friendly activities organized by the club, such as beach volleyball or treasure hunts.

Hotel Riu Montego Bay’s Kid’s Club is free of charge for guests staying at the hotel. Parents only need to sign a consent form and provide contact information before leaving their children at the club.

If you are planning a family vacation to Jamaica, be sure to check out Hotel Riu Montego Bay’s Kid’s Club. Your children will have a blast, and you will get some well-deserved rest and relaxation.


Pampering Treatments

The Hotel Riu Montego Bay offers a variety of pampering treatments at its Renova Spa. Guests can indulge in massages, body wraps, facials, and more. The spa uses high-quality products to ensure that guests receive the best possible experience.

One of the most popular treatments at the spa is the hot stone massage. This treatment involves the use of heated stones placed on specific points of the body to help relax muscles and improve circulation. Another popular option is the Swedish massage, which uses long strokes, kneading, and circular movements to promote relaxation and ease tension.

The spa also offers a range of body wraps designed to detoxify and hydrate the skin. One such wrap is the seaweed wrap, which uses seaweed and other natural ingredients to help eliminate toxins from the body and leave the skin feeling soft and smooth.

For those looking for a facial treatment, the spa offers several options, including anti-aging, deep cleansing, and hydrating facials. These treatments use high-quality products to help improve the appearance and health of the skin.

To enhance the pampering experience, guests can enjoy the spa’s hydrotherapy circuit, which includes a sauna, steam room, and Jacuzzi. The circuit is designed to help relax the body and mind before or after a treatment.

The Renova Spa at the Hotel Riu Montego Bay is a perfect place to unwind and recharge. With a range of treatments and amenities, guests can enjoy a truly indulgent experience.

Sauna And Jacuzzi

The Hotel Riu Montego Bay offers a luxurious spa experience to its guests. The spa is equipped with modern amenities and expert therapists, providing an unforgettable relaxation experience. The sauna and Jacuzzi are some of the most popular facilities in the spa.

The sauna is a traditional Finnish sauna, which uses dry heat to promote sweating and relaxation. The high temperature in the sauna helps to open up the pores, allowing the body to release toxins through sweat. This process can also help to improve circulation and reduce muscle tension. Guests can relax in the sauna for 10-15 minutes at a time, followed by a cool shower or dip in the pool to cool down.

The Jacuzzi is another popular facility in the spa. It is a large, heated pool with jets that provide a soothing massage to the muscles. The warm water and massage jets can help to relieve muscle tension and improve circulation. Guests can enjoy the Jacuzzi for as long as they like, but it is recommended to limit soaking time to 20-30 minutes.

For those who want to combine the benefits of both the sauna and Jacuzzi, the Hotel Riu Montego Bay offers a unique experience called “sauna bathing.” This involves alternating between the sauna and Jacuzzi, which can help to improve blood flow and enhance the relaxation experience. Guests can also try other treatments offered at the spa, such as massages, facials, and body wraps.

The Hotel Riu Montego Bay’s spa is highly rated by guests, with many praising the quality of service and the relaxing atmosphere. According to TripAdvisor, the hotel’s spa is ranked #1 out of 19 spas in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Guests can book spa treatments in advance by contacting the hotel or through their website.

Meetings And Events

Flexible Event Spaces

Hotel Riu Montego Bay offers flexible event spaces suitable for different types of events such as meetings, conferences, weddings, and other social gatherings. The hotel has a total of 5 meeting rooms with a maximum capacity of up to 200 people. All the meeting rooms are equipped with modern audiovisual equipment and have access to high-speed internet.

The largest meeting room in the hotel is the Montego Bay Room, which has a maximum capacity of up to 200 people. This room can be divided into three smaller rooms, each with a capacity of up to 60 people. The other meeting rooms in the hotel include the Ocho Rios Room, the Kingston Room, the Negril Room, and the Runaway Bay Room. These rooms have a maximum capacity ranging from 30 to 100 people.

The flexible event spaces at Hotel Riu Montego Bay are perfect for hosting corporate events such as business meetings, product launches, and team-building activities. The hotel also provides catering services for events, offering a variety of menu options to suit different tastes and preferences.

For those looking to host a wedding or other social event, the hotel has outdoor event spaces that offer stunning views of the Caribbean Sea. The hotel’s wedding planners are available to help couples plan their dream wedding and ensure that every detail is taken care of.

Professional Event Planning Services

Hotel Riu Montego Bay offers professional event planning services for meetings and events. The hotel has a team of experienced event planners who can help plan and execute successful events. They have the expertise to organize events of any size and type, from small business meetings to large conferences and weddings.

The event planning team at Hotel Riu Montego Bay works closely with clients to understand their needs and preferences. They provide personalized service and attention to detail to ensure that every event is a success. The team takes care of all aspects of event planning, including venue selection, catering, audiovisual equipment, and decorations.

The hotel has several venues available for events, including indoor and outdoor spaces. The venues are equipped with modern technology and can be customized to meet specific event requirements. The hotel also offers a range of catering options, from coffee breaks to full-course meals.

Hotel Riu Montego Bay’s event planning services are highly regarded in the industry. The hotel has received numerous awards for its event planning services, including the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence. The hotel’s event planning team has also been recognized for their professionalism and expertise.

Event Type Venue Options Catering Options
Business Meetings Boardroom, Conference Room Coffee Breaks, Working Lunches
Conferences Ballroom, Meeting Rooms Buffet, Plated Meals
Weddings Beach, Garden, Terrace Cocktail Hour, Reception Dinner

Hotel Riu Montego Bay has hosted many successful events over the years. The hotel’s event planning team has experience working with clients from various industries, including healthcare, finance, and technology. They have also organized several destination weddings that have been featured in bridal magazines.

If you are planning an event in Montego Bay, consider Hotel Riu Montego Bay for your venue and event planning services. With their expertise and personalized service, they can help make your event a success.


In conclusion, Hotel Riu Montego Bay is a perfect destination for anyone looking to experience the best of Jamaica. Its prime location, exceptional facilities, and top-notch hospitality make it a favorite among travelers. Whether you are traveling with family, friends, or on a romantic getaway, this hotel has everything you need to make your vacation memorable. Book now and get ready to create unforgettable memories in Jamaica!

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