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Everything You Need to Know About the Ace Hotel in Los Angeles

Are you planning a trip to Los Angeles? If so, you should consider staying at the Ace Hotel. Located in the heart of downtown LA, the Ace Hotel is a trendy and unique accommodation option that offers a variety of amenities and attractions for guests.The Ace Hotel is not your typical hotel, as it is housed in a historic building that has been renovated to offer a modern and eclectic experience. Whether you’re a solo traveler or visiting with a group, the Ace Hotel in Los Angeles is sure to provide an unforgettable stay.

Overview Of The Ace Hotel In Los Angeles

Location And Accessibility

The Ace Hotel in Los Angeles is located in the historic United Artists building, which was built in 1927. The hotel is situated in the heart of downtown LA, making it easily accessible by car or public transportation.

For those driving to the hotel, there is valet parking available for a fee. Alternatively, guests can also find street parking or park in nearby parking garages.

If you are arriving by plane, the hotel is approximately 18 miles from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and 15 miles from Burbank Bob Hope Airport (BUR). Guests can take a taxi, ride-share service, or utilize public transportation to get to the hotel from either airport.

The hotel’s central location also makes it easy to explore the surrounding area on foot. Guests can walk to nearby attractions such as the Staples Center, the Fashion District, and the Grammy Museum.


The Ace Hotel in Los Angeles offers a variety of accommodations to suit different preferences and budgets. The rooms are designed with a minimalist aesthetic, featuring vintage furniture and original artwork, creating a unique and stylish atmosphere.

The hotel has 182 rooms that range from standard rooms to suites. The standard rooms come in different sizes and layouts, but all of them have comfortable beds, high-quality linens, and well-appointed bathrooms. Some of the rooms have balconies or terraces that offer stunning views of downtown LA.

The suites at the Ace Hotel are spacious and luxurious, perfect for those who want more space and amenities. They feature separate living areas, kitchenettes, and private outdoor spaces. Some of the suites also have bathtubs and fireplaces, adding to the overall comfort and charm of the room.

For those who want a truly unique experience, the Ace Hotel offers a few special accommodations. The Upstairs Suite is a penthouse suite that features a private rooftop terrace with a hot tub and panoramic views of the city. The Writer’s Room is a one-of-a-kind suite that was designed by author Neil Gaiman, featuring his personal library and eclectic decor.

Dining Options

The Ace Hotel in Los Angeles offers a variety of dining options for its guests. The hotel has two restaurants that cater to different tastes and preferences.

The first restaurant is L.A. Chapter, which serves American cuisine with a focus on local, seasonal ingredients. The menu features dishes like roasted chicken with mushrooms and polenta, grilled hanger steak with chimichurri, and crispy brussels sprouts with apple cider vinegar. The restaurant also offers a selection of craft cocktails, beer, and wine.

The second restaurant at the Ace Hotel is Best Girl, which is a collaboration between chef Michael Cimarusti and restaurateur Caroline Styne. This restaurant specializes in California comfort food, with dishes like buttermilk fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, and shrimp and grits. Best Girl also offers an extensive list of wines by the glass, as well as classic cocktails and draft beers.

In addition to these two restaurants, the Ace Hotel also has a rooftop bar called Upstairs. This bar offers panoramic views of downtown Los Angeles and serves a variety of cocktails, beer, and wine. Guests can enjoy small plates like charcuterie, oysters, and crudités while taking in the view.


The Ace Hotel in Los Angeles is a trendy and unique hotel that offers guests a variety of amenities to enhance their stay. From the moment guests arrive, they are greeted by friendly staff and an inviting atmosphere.

One of the standout amenities at the Ace Hotel is its rooftop pool. The pool provides guests with stunning views of downtown Los Angeles while they relax and soak up the California sun. The pool area also features a bar where guests can enjoy refreshing cocktails and light bites.

For those looking to stay active during their stay, the Ace Hotel has a fully equipped fitness center. The gym is open 24 hours a day and features state-of-the-art equipment, including cardio machines and free weights.

In addition to its recreational amenities, the Ace Hotel also offers practical amenities for guests. These include complimentary Wi-Fi throughout the hotel, a business center, and valet parking services.

For those who want to explore the city, the Ace Hotel offers bike rentals. Guests can rent a bike and explore the surrounding neighborhoods and attractions at their own pace.

Things To Do Near The Ace Hotel In Los Angeles

Visit The Broad Museum

The Broad Museum is a contemporary art museum located in downtown Los Angeles, just a short distance from the Ace Hotel. The museum offers free general admission to its permanent collection galleries, which feature an extensive collection of postwar and contemporary art. Visitors can see works by some of the most prominent artists of our time, including Jeff Koons, Cindy Sherman, and Jean-Michel Basquiat.

In addition to its permanent collection, the Broad also hosts special exhibitions throughout the year. These exhibitions often feature works by emerging and established artists alike, and they provide visitors with a chance to see some truly innovative and thought-provoking art.

One of the most popular works at the Broad is Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirrored Room – The Souls of Millions of Light Years Away. This immersive installation features mirrored walls and a reflective pool, creating a seemingly endless expanse of light and color. Due to its popularity, visitors must reserve a separate, timed ticket for this installation.

General Information Details
Address 221 S Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90012
Hours Closed on Mondays
Tuesday & Wednesday: 11am-5pm
Thursday & Friday: 11am-8pm
Saturday: 10am-8pm
Sunday: 10am-6pm
Admission General admission is free
Timed tickets required for Infinity Mirrored Room
Contact Information

Visitors to the Ace Hotel can easily make a day of exploring the Broad Museum and the surrounding downtown area. After taking in some incredible art, they can grab a bite to eat at one of the many nearby restaurants, or take a stroll through the beautiful Grand Park.

Explore The Arts District

The Arts District is a thriving neighborhood located near the Ace Hotel in Los Angeles. It is home to a wide range of creative businesses, including art galleries, studios, and performance spaces. Visitors to the area can explore the vibrant street art scene, attend live music events, and enjoy delicious food and drinks at local restaurants and bars.

One of the most popular attractions in the Arts District is The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA, a contemporary art museum that features exhibitions from some of the world’s most innovative artists. The museum also hosts special events and programs throughout the year, making it a must-visit destination for art enthusiasts.

In addition to The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA, visitors to the Arts District can check out The Box, a cutting-edge gallery that showcases emerging artists and experimental works. There are also several other galleries and studios in the area, such as The Hive Gallery and Studios and The Container Yard, where visitors can view and purchase unique pieces of art.

Name Description Address
The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA A contemporary art museum featuring exhibitions from innovative artists 152 N Central Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90012
The Box A cutting-edge gallery showcasing emerging artists and experimental works 805 Traction Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90013
The Hive Gallery and Studios A space for artists and creatives to showcase their work 729 S Spring St, Los Angeles, CA 90014
The Container Yard A creative space for artists and entrepreneurs 800 E 4th St, Los Angeles, CA 90013

Aside from the art scene, there are also plenty of delicious dining options in the Arts District. One popular spot is The Pie Hole, a bakery that serves up sweet and savory pies made from scratch. Another must-visit restaurant is Bestia, which offers rustic Italian cuisine in a chic industrial setting.

Name Description Address
The Pie Hole A bakery serving sweet and savory pies made from scratch 714 Traction Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90013
Bestia A popular restaurant offering rustic Italian cuisine in an industrial setting 2121 E 7th Pl, Los Angeles, CA 90021

Head To The Staples Center

If you’re a sports fan or just want to catch a live event, head to the Staples Center, which is located just a few blocks away from the Ace Hotel in Los Angeles. The Staples Center is a multi-purpose arena that hosts a variety of events such as basketball games, concerts, and award shows.

The Staples Center is home to several professional sports teams including the Los Angeles Lakers (NBA), Los Angeles Clippers (NBA), and Los Angeles Kings (NHL). If you’re lucky enough to catch a game, be prepared for an unforgettable experience. The energy in the stadium is electric, and the crowds are always enthusiastic.

In addition to sports events, the Staples Center also hosts concerts by some of the biggest names in the music industry. Past performers include Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, and Justin Timberlake.

If you’re interested in attending an event at the Staples Center, be sure to check their website for upcoming events and ticket information. With so many exciting events happening year-round, there’s always something going on at the Staples Center.

Team/Performer Event Type Date Price Range
Los Angeles Lakers NBA Game November 15, 2021 $50-$500
Taylor Swift Concert July 25, 2022 $100-$1000
Los Angeles Kings NHL Game December 10, 2021 $40-$300

If you’re looking for a unique experience, consider attending an auction at the Staples Center. The arena has hosted several high-profile auctions over the years, including the sale of Kobe Bryant’s memorabilia in 2020. Some rare items sold for millions of dollars, making it a must-see event for collectors and fans.

No matter what type of event you attend at the Staples Center, you’re sure to have a memorable time. With its prime location near the Ace Hotel, it’s the perfect place to catch a game or show while staying in downtown Los Angeles.

Staples Center Events

Check Out The Grand Central Market

One of the most popular destinations near the Ace Hotel in Los Angeles is the Grand Central Market. This historic landmark has been a hub for foodies since 1917, offering a diverse range of cuisine from around the world.

The market boasts over 30 vendors, each with their own unique offerings. Visitors can find everything from authentic Mexican street tacos to artisanal coffee and pastries. Some popular vendors include Eggslut, which serves up delicious breakfast sandwiches, and Knead & Co. Pasta Bar + Market, which offers fresh handmade pasta.

In addition to the food, the Grand Central Market also hosts events and live music performances throughout the year. Visitors can check the market’s website for a calendar of upcoming events.

If you’re looking for a unique souvenir to take home, be sure to stop by La Huerta Candy, which sells traditional Mexican candies and sweets. And for those interested in culinary history, the market offers guided tours that explore the rich cultural heritage of the area.

Vendors Specialty
Eggslut Breakfast sandwiches
Knead & Co. Pasta Bar + Market Fresh handmade pasta
La Huerta Candy Traditional Mexican candies and sweets
Grand Central Market website

Tips For Staying At The Ace Hotel In Los Angeles

Book In Advance

When planning a stay at the Ace Hotel in Los Angeles, it is always advisable to book in advance. This is because the hotel is often fully booked, and last-minute reservations may not be possible. Booking in advance also gives you the advantage of securing a room at a lower rate compared to booking closer to your travel dates.

Booking in advance is easy and can be done online through the Ace Hotel website. The website provides all the necessary information about the hotel, including room rates, amenities, and availability. You can select the type of room you prefer and make a reservation by providing your personal details and payment information.

It is important to note that the Ace Hotel has a cancellation policy, which means that if you cancel your reservation within a certain period before your arrival date, you may be charged a cancellation fee. Therefore, it is advisable to read and understand the hotel’s cancellation policy before making a reservation.

Consider Upgrading Your Room

When staying at the Ace Hotel in Los Angeles, it is highly recommended to consider upgrading your room. The hotel offers a variety of room options, ranging from standard rooms to suites, each with its own unique features and amenities. Upgrading your room can enhance your overall experience and make your stay more comfortable.

Some of the benefits of upgrading your room at the Ace Hotel include larger living spaces, better views, and access to exclusive amenities. For example, the hotel’s top-tier suites offer spacious living areas, private balconies, and even outdoor hot tubs. Guests who upgrade to these rooms also have access to a dedicated concierge service, which can assist with everything from restaurant reservations to transportation arrangements.

While upgrading your room may come at an additional cost, it is often worth the investment for those seeking a more luxurious stay. In fact, many guests who have upgraded their rooms at the Ace Hotel rave about the experience and say that it was well worth the extra expense.

When considering upgrading your room at the Ace Hotel, be sure to check out the hotel’s website for current pricing and availability. Additionally, it may be helpful to read reviews from other guests who have stayed in upgraded rooms to get a sense of what to expect. Overall, upgrading your room at the Ace Hotel can be a great way to make the most of your stay in Los Angeles.

Utilize The Hotel Amenities

Staying at the Ace Hotel in Los Angeles is an experience to remember. The hotel offers a range of amenities that guests can take advantage of during their stay. Utilizing these amenities can make your stay more comfortable and enjoyable.

The Ace Hotel in Los Angeles has a rooftop pool that is open year-round. Guests can enjoy swimming while taking in the stunning views of the city. The hotel also has a fitness center with state-of-the-art equipment for those who want to stay active during their stay.

If you’re looking to relax, the hotel’s rooftop lounge is the perfect spot to unwind. The lounge offers a variety of cocktails and snacks, as well as breathtaking views of the city skyline. Additionally, the hotel has a spa where guests can indulge in a range of treatments, from massages to facials.

For those who need to catch up on work or stay connected with loved ones, the hotel has complimentary Wi-Fi throughout the property. There is also a business center with computers and printers available for guest use.

Explore The Neighborhood

When staying at the Ace Hotel in Los Angeles, one of the best things to do is to explore the neighborhood. The hotel is located in the heart of Downtown LA, a vibrant and eclectic area that offers plenty of things to see and do.

One popular attraction in the neighborhood is The Broad, a contemporary art museum that features works by some of the most influential artists of our time. Another must-see destination is Grand Central Market, a bustling food hall that has been serving up delicious eats since 1917.

If you’re looking for a more laid-back experience, head over to Pershing Square, a lovely park that hosts free outdoor concerts and events throughout the year. And if you’re in the mood for some shopping, be sure to check out The Last Bookstore, a massive independent bookstore that also sells records and vintage clothing.

The BroadGrand Central MarketPershing SquareThe Last Bookstore


In conclusion, the Ace Hotel in Los Angeles is a unique and trendy accommodation option that offers a variety of amenities and attractions for guests. With its prime location in downtown LA and its eclectic atmosphere, the Ace Hotel is the perfect place to stay for anyone looking to experience the city in a new and exciting way.If you’re planning a trip to Los Angeles, be sure to check out the Ace Hotel and all that it has to offer. Book your stay today and get ready for an unforgettable experience!

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