Menu Trends: Variety vs. Quality and Consistency


An upcoming feature in Hotel F&B will delve into Holiday Inn’s new F&B direction and its C.A.S.H. training program. While talking with Eric Lent, VP Holiday Inn and Crowne Plaza Brands, IHG, Americas, he said something that hit home.

Eric Lent
Eric Lent

“We saw opportunity to leverage where we saw some inconsistency in delivery or leverage increased competition by creating something scalable and turnkey,” Lent said. “Simple is hard. Big organizations, regardless of industry, there’s often a bias toward complexity. Organizations that focus on simplicity increase the chances of success. We looked at what changes we could make to increase consistency, drive ambiance, and drive the right service essentials, in a way consistent with the brand, that would allow us to differentiate not just in the markets but as a brand overall.”

Is your menu too expansive and complicated? Are you sacrificing quality and consistency for variety?