Don’t Wait for Traffic; Blitz Your F&B Guests


You could idly sit back and hope to intercept the pigskin of profit, or you could proactively sprint to the backfield and sack some F&B dollars. Hoteliers looking to boost end-of-year sales and fill seats in restaurants and bars should be planning ahead NOW, and MarkeTeam’s turnkey Bowl Season Blitz kits make the game plan very simple.

Over the course of 24 days (from December 17 through January 09), ESPN and other networks will broadcast 42 different college football bowl games (featuring 82 teams). Bowl Season Blitz is designed to announce that your hotel F&B venue is THE place to catch all the action. The turnkey kits are a mere $129 and include table tents, counter cards, elevator / lobby posters, a dry-erase “Blitz Board” and a program execution guide.

But watch the clock: you’ll need to order the Bowl Season Blitz kit by November 16 to receive it the week before the season kicks off.

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