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NESCAFÉ Milano 2.0 Specialty Beverage Solutions When Mario Grisanti, F&B director at the DoubleTree Hotel Memphis, began revamping his property’s concierge lounge, he asked vendors if they knew of or had any automated coffee machines. “My Sysco rep suggested a Nestlé contact,” he recalls, and soon the hotel became a test property for the new NESCAFÉ® Milano 2.0 Machine.

“It has been, by far, the most user-friendly machine I have ever encountered,” Grisanti says. “It will tell you when to clean and how to clean. The touchscreen doubles as a video player to inform staff on how to maintain the machine. I have not seen this much thought put into any other coffee platforms.”

Grisanti says the staff enjoys using the NESCAFÉ Milano 2.0, he notes, and some guests have even asked where they can buy the machine for themselves. “They love the idea of getting several different drinks to choose from when they stay here…We have a lot of guests tell us they prefer the taste and variety of the NESCAFÉ Milano 2.0 to the coffee chains down the street.”

The durability of the machine is another plus for the hotel. “The machine feels pretty indestructible, even the touchscreen,” Grisanti says. “The legs have stayed in place from being moved around. The drip tray is polished chrome, not plastic. It’s a solid machine.”

The NESCAFÉ Milano 2.0 has allowed Grisanti to offer a variety of beverages with minimal overhead and without adding staff, he says, and he’d recommend it for any property. “It has made our lounge and hotel stand out among the competition by offering something more.”  —TW