Recipe: Tiradito de Hiramasa, Salsa de Ají Amarillo, and Ensalada Fresca


Tiradito de HiramasaLast year, Jonathan Félix, executive sous chef at the Hyatt Regency Mexico City, took the top prize in The Good Taste Series final in Cabo San Lucas. One of two dishes prepared by competitors had to feature sustainable seafood. Here’s Chef Félix’s victorious creation.

Tiradito de Hiramasa, Salsa de Ají Amarillo, and Ensalada Fresca

From the kitchen of Jonathan Félix, executive sous chef, Hyatt Regency Mexico City

Ser ves 30. Preparation Time: 25 minutes

4 lb. hiramasa sashimi, medium sliced

Ají Amarillo Sauce

7 oz. lime juice
7 oz. lemon juice
3.5 oz. yuzu juice

1.4 oz. onion
1 clove garlic
0.7 oz. ginger

1.4 oz. celery
10.5 oz. aji amarillo purée
salt and pepper

Blend all ingredients a nd pass in a chinois, taste, and keep it cold.


Chef Jonathan Félix
Chef Jonathan Félix

Sweet Potato Purée

1 lb. purple sweet potato

5 oz. milk

1.7 oz. sugar

Cook sweet potato with milk until soft, blend until very smooth, pass in a chinois, and keep it cold.

Ensalada Fresca
10.5 oz. fresh fennel, thin sliced
5 oz. cucumber, thin sliced
0.7 oz. micro celery

0.7 oz. fennel leaves
5 oz. pomegranate seeds
5 oz. purple sweet potato, diced

0.7 oz. chía bloom
1.7 oz. pumpkin seeds, toasted

Mix all ingredients for the fresh sa lad and arrange on top of the fish. Finish with sea salt and
extra virgin olive oil.