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RTI Oil Management Systems Dumping used oil into a can on the loading dock out back is as anachronistic a concept now as Willie Nelson’s tour bus running on gasoline. That’s why, a little over a year ago, Denver-based Sage Restaurant Group made the switch to using frying oil-management systems from Restaurant Technologies, Inc. (RTI).

RTI takes a dirty, dangerous job and turns it into a much cleaner, safer job,” says Michael Carr-Turnbough, VP, culinary operations, for Sage Restaurant Group. But he also likes the benefits beyond the four walls of Sage properties. “They purchase the used oil back from you at a marketable rate. It’s nice to know that it’s being utilized for biofuels.”

For more than 15 years, RTI has helped the foodservice industry improve food quality and consistency, operational efficiency, safety, cleanliness, and sustainability through the automated delivery, storage, handling, and disposal of fryer oil.

Before using RTI systems, Sage used portable filter systems and “standard oil can dump in the back,” Carr-Turnbough says. The move to RTI came after Sage did research and liked the oil quality, safety aspects, cost savings, and reduction of product in landfills. “The product quality is great, and the savings are positive. We have both systems they offer—the direct system, where it goes right into the fryers, and the portable system for properties with restaurants and banquet kitchens on different floors.”

Carr-Turnbough says Sage has RTI systems in place at eight properties and is in the process of rolling them out to all of the full-service hotels in the portfolio. —TW