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Multi-use, interchangeable equipment makes it easier than ever to create custom event spaces that delight and impress customers.

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Embrace trends within your space!

By Sanat Dickson, Communications, IHS Global Alliance

“Flexibility within our space is essential to creating a unique experience,” says Danny Wells, F&B director at the Kansas City Marriott Downtown. “The use of versatile equipment to create multiple setup configurations to suit any event, which are easily changed for the next—this is innovation we should not be without.”

There’s no doubt global trends are influencing customer expectations when it comes to their hospitality experience, whether it be dining, buffets, or a conference event. IHS Global Alliance designs mobile food and beverage systems for hospitality and conference facilities. The company routinely see these trends in hotels and how they are influencing customer expectations when it comes to style, presentation, and overall rapport.

For example, the hospitality industry is seeing trend after trend influence setups from meetings to buffets and dinners through to cocktail configurations and beyond. Such movement is motivating small and midsize properties as well as the largest hotels to consider more innovative and inspiring ideas when it comes to accommodating guest expectations. The global hotel industry revenue is predicted to reach $550 billion in 2016, emphasizing the need for your setup to be ready to accommodate the growing demands from the consumer.

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Hotels and venues are now readily embracing the trending concepts of live cooking, connected conferencing, and pop-up bars, for example. The most recent industry case highlights Four Seasons in Sydney, Australia, hosting a pop-up bar for none other than Dom Pérignon. Pop-up bars and mobile restaurants among other trends are exploding, prompting the innovation team at IHS Global Alliance to create flexible solutions that work in a variety of venues and settings.


Watch this sleek, mobile action station that enables live
cooking with accompanying buffet modules.

A conference meeting is simply no longer just a meeting; it’s the entire experience to help your guest inspire their colleagues. It’s now about merging conference connectivity with creativity to deliver an impressive experience while creating advocates for your business. “The need to create a compelling meeting experience for attendees was one of the most important trends to follow in order to create effective meetings in 2016,” says Leo Jakobson, of

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Global trends are nurturing new and dynamic ideas when it comes to equipment design, multi-use, and interchangeable product solutions. It’s now easier to adapt to trends within your space and to influence, inspire, and impress your customers.

IHS Global Alliance is helping hoteliers adapt to new ideas in their event spaces to think beyond the artistry of serving a great meal to how it will be transported, presented, served and consumed. All while staying compatible with the ambiance of any venue — therefore enhancing the customer experience. See our latest brochure for our on-trend products and equipment.

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