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Vitamix Reader Picks 2015All professional kitchens should be outfitted with Vitamix’s Vita-Prep line of mixers, which includes the Vita-Prep and the Vita-Prep 3. At least that’s what Bernard Guillas thinks. For 21 years as Executive Chef at La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club, which includes the casual Marine Room restaurant, he’s been serving 1,500 covers a day.  He and his staff create everything from purees to oils to foams to fresh cocktails with his lineup of Vitamix blenders.

“If you want to have great restaurants, give the best tools to your employees.  The one tool that is a must in our kitchens and bars is the Vitamix,” Fuillas says. “They never seem to break.  And they clean up like dream. This makes a big difference. There’s no doubt in my mind this is the best blender.”

Whether it’s milkshakes on the beach, blending fresh fruit purees for cocktails in the bar, grinding spices, infusing oils, and whipping foams for farm- and sea-to-table gourmet dishes in the Club’s fine dining Shores Restaurant, the Vitamixes are the workhorses of Guillas’ kitchens.

Vitamix has made them better every year by tweaking the design. We can control the speed with the dial to extract all the color and flavor. With other blenders, you don’t have the kind of finesse over the power and speed. The puree doesn’t come out as smooth and aerated as with Vitamix,” he says. “The super-high speeds get all that froth for foams too. It’s super sexy.” —KK