From the Editor: Push, Perfect, and Prosper


“Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.”

Forgive me the cliche move of quoting Vince Lombardi, but this particular comment from the great coach sticks with me. It’s true, though only partially. We indeed can attain perfection in the micro sometimes. For instance, Fairmont can and has perfected cocktails within its Classics. Perfected. program. But to the macro picture, excellence is the ultimate bar. Attaining the occasional taste of perfection is fine, but it’s the striving toward perfect that takes hotel F&B operations to brilliance. Perfecting the micro brings a level of achievement in the macro. And that excellence is measured by how memorable a guest’s experience is.

Control is a key factor in the push for perfection. That’s why the Hilton Chicago/Oak Brook Hills Conference Center decided to stop outsourcing for pastry and add its own pastry chef.

A great example of perfection at the micro level fostering excellence in the macro is Element’s simple but studied addition of granola options to its complimentary RISE breakfast. Granola provides the platform for variety, from healthy to more indulgent, in different combinations and presentations.

Making operations consistent and efficient is another road to the goal of perfection. Take a look at what Columbia Sussex is doing in its wine program across 43 hotels, where no detail is left unexamined.

What details have you ignored lately? Chances are, you’re already doing a lot of things right; the next step is to identify and exploit that extra opportunity to push for perfection. Your guests will remember it.

Tad WilkesTad Wilkes
Editor in Chief
Hotel F&B