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Autocrat Hotel Coffee Suppliers Some things are just as important as product— such as beneficial partnerships.

“I’ve been doing business with Autocrat since the early ‘80s, using their coffee, supplies, and machinery,” says Bob Bacon, owner of Gregg’s Restaurants, based in Warwick, Rhode Island. “Over the years, we’ve brought in other products, such as their coffee syrup, and they handle our sugars.

“Eight to 10 years ago, at a trade show, we came across an iced tea extract by a company out of California, and we brought it in through Autocrat,” says Bacon. “Then they had some problems with it and dropped the line, but Autocrat liked the idea so much, they developed their own, and we’ve been using that product for a number of years. They’ve always been the kind of company that if you have an idea or need a product, instead of saying, ‘Oh, we don’t have it,’ they go to work and do some research. If they can, they’ll develop it and help us market it. It’s a good partnership.”

Bacon says Lincoln, Rhode Islandbased Autocrat is also helpful in advising him of the best times to stock up on coffee to keep costs lower. “Through their expertise, we’ve been able to stay ahead of the curve in terms of timing of buying and projecting costs to get the best price.” —TW

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