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AccuBar Beverage Inventory Management AccuBar is a liquor inventory management system that uses Pocket PC PDAs to scan the barcodes on the labels of spirits, beer, and wine bottles, as well as any other items in inventory.

“It’s a great tool,” says William Lozano, beverage supervisor at the Hilton Woodcliff Lake (New Jersey). “It’s a huge help with banquets. We have a big banquet facility. We [just] had three or four parties at the same time, and AccuBar helps do reports. Whether it’s an open bar, consumption bar, or cash bar, it’s all right there.”

The PDA quickly collects counts to simplify tracking of physical inventory, receiving, perpetual inventory, supplier ordering, transfers between locations, banquet and event consumption, large wine cellars, requisitions, empties, variances, slow-moving stock, and cost of goods. Once the handheld has collected the data, it syncs wirelessly or through a PC to send the encrypted files to AccuBar’s back-end software. From there, the user can log in through a secure web site to perform AccuBar’s management and reporting functions.

“It makes our lives easier,” Lozano says. “At least once a week we compare real sales with [projected sales]. It’s very important. Maybe someone is overpouring or charging more than they are supposed to charge. It’s something you can look at to see what’s going on. And I really like doing perpetual inventory. If you do inventory once a month, five days later you can check perpetual inventory and see exactly what you’re supposed to have at that moment.” —TW

Learn more about AccuBar's fully interactive
wine menu for iPad, tablet, and smartphone.

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