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Precision Pours Alcohol Measuring and Pouring Devices With Precision Pours’ three-ball liquor pour spouts, it’s easy to know exactly what’s being poured, says Brian Klein, VP F&B for Marriott Vacation Club International. “Getting consistency, that’s one of the reasons I selected Precision Pours as an approved vendor,” Klein says.

A simple roll of the wrist is all it takes to deliver an accurate measure using Precision Pours’ patented system. These liquor pours are simple to use and simple to keep clean too, another big plus for Klein. “The majority of our properties are pool bars and grills,” he explains. That makes for a fast-moving environment. “It’s not a sit-down lounge, where you might have a little bit more time to create perfect drinks.” Despite the fast pace, staff easily maintain the high standards their customers expect. “We’re still able to create a perfect cocktail. That’s a big win for us,” says Klein.

A combination of feedback from properties in the field along with product testing led Klein to choose Precision Pours. With that decision in place, this vice president is looking forward to another big win: documenting the certain cost savings which reduced spillage, consistent pours, and faster service are guaranteed to bring.—JT

Precision Pours, Inc. manufactures and distributes measured liquor pours, gravity-feed portion control systems, and bar accessories for hotel bars, lounges, and restaurants.

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