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World Tea Expo tea vendors Perhaps since the fateful night our forefathers tossed the tea back into Boston Harbor, Americans have not been able to recapture what was once our all-encompassing, and very British, love of tea.

George Jage, organizer of the World Tea Expo in Las Vegas, explained that tea has been making a comeback, as evidenced by the 200 percent participation increase in the World Tea Expo since its inception two years ago.

The World Tea Expo is a comprehensive collection of wholesale specialty tea vendors (both hot and iced), offering tea selections and services from all over the international community, as well as Cooking with Tea demonstrations featuring celebrity chefs such as Kerry Simon of Simon Kitchen & Bar at the Hard Rock Hotel and Richard Chen, Executive Chef of Wen Lei at the Wynn Las Vegas.

The World Tea Expo will host the first ever U.S. Tea Auction. Organized by the World Tea Expo, the Nilgiri Planters Association and the Tea Board of India, the auction will give buyers an opportunity to bid on 42 of Nilgiri's finest teas.

Since 2003, tea vendors exhibiting at the Expo have grown from 65 to 200 representatives. The goal, explained Jage, "is to expand the marketplace for tea globally."

Hotel professionals have bountiful resources to reap at the World Tea Expo's tea seminars and education. According to Jage, "we have over 45 hotel-appropriate tea training seminars with a wide range of topics, including the basic understanding of tea, the future of specialty tea and operating tea businesses."

Tea is expected to be a ten billion dollar business by the end of the decade, says Jage, and it is the second most consumed beverage in the world, eclipsed only by water.

The 2006 World Tea Expo will be held in Las Vegas, March 27-29 and will travel to Atlanta in 2007. - KB/ABA

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