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S&D Coffee David Robinson, VP, F&B, Lodgian Hospitality, Atlanta, understands that if Lodgian doesn't brew the best cup of coffee they can, guests will go elsewhere for their java jolts.

Since switching to S&D Coffee about eight months ago from the purveyor they used for 15 years, Robinson says the changeover has been everything they expected. Lodgian now selects its own blend--the fuller-body, 100 percent Arabica. They receive training on how to properly store and brew coffee, precisely calibrate and clean equipment, and ensure correct temperature--all of which affects coffee's taste.

While Robinson calls S&D's service "second to none," he was equally impressed with the "seamless transition" when they changed vendors. "Both the product and equipment changeover was seamless," Robinson says.

Currently, Lodgian uses two sizes of S&D Coffee for the 96 hotels they own/operate (except for Holiday Inns that mandate a specific supplier): American Select for restaurants and the 5-1/2 ounce banquet size. They intend to add additional S&D products to their repertoire, Robinson says. --SBH

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