Menu Trends: Allergy-Sensitive Offerings

All Great Wolf Lodges use non-rice bran oil in all fryers.
All Great Wolf Lodges use non-rice bran oil in all fryers.

Even if you’re not a Disney property, if you have a large demographic of families—or want to secure more business from families—consider what you’re offering for those with allergies.

An upcoming feature in Hotel F&B will delve into how Great Wolf Resorts has rallied around its healthy and allergy-sensitive point of difference, but you don’t have to be a completely kid-centric concept to capitalize on the opportunity to attract people with allergies who want to know there’s something delicious they can eat.

AllergyEats Founder Paul Antico points out how loyal the allergy community is.

“I keep seeing people on our social media pages and others say they’re going to Great Wolf instead of other day-long destinations, like a Six Flags,” Antico says. “It’s a really big deal. You want the kids to have a good day out. The last thing you want to worry about is feeding them. You can’t always know a meal is going to be safe; there’s always a risk. But you know your best chance of being safe are places such as Great Wolf that really make the commitment. I’ve analyzed tens of thousands of companies over the years, and I’ve seen that the commitment of the owners and CEOs drive the commitment of everyone else.”