Key to the Pantry: July/August 2016

Tools and ingredients to improve your operations.



FWE’S HLCPSGN-5 Countertop Heated Holding Cabinet is built sturdy and mobile, perfect for onsite or off-premise events. Uniform, radiant heat with light airflow throughout gently surrounds food, keeping it hot and ready to serve for hours. Options include handles, pedestal legs, or casters that make the cabinet highly transportable.
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American MetalcraftNew melamine serving boards from AMERICAN METALCRAFT’S Naturals™ Collection feature an organic wood style that is fashioned after rustic-looking trees, bamboo, walnut, elm, and acacia. The rich, natural design in these serving boards is sure to showcase anything from farm-to-table to haute cuisine. The real beauty is in their utility. Unlike wood, these melamine boards are washable and stain- and oil-resistant.
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D.W. Haber & SonHaberStone Wood+Slate shelves and trays from D.W. HABER & SON are built to last and give buffets a natural look and feel. HaberStone is made from natural slate and includes metal backing and edges creating a durable and lightweight slate. These slate inserts are food and dishwasher safe and can be combined with Haber’s stainless steel or black risers.
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Spring USACombine fun and function with SPRING USA’S selection of Micro XCESSories serving dishes. Pieces are available in copper or 18/8 stainless steel. Micro pieces range from ¼-cup to ½-cup capacities and are perfect for individual tastings. The variety of tasting dishes allows for mouth-watering presentations, whether it is for appetizers, bite-size portions, or side dish servings.
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The RATIONAL SelfCookingCenter combines the benefits of steaming, such as short cooking times, higher yields, and juiciness, with the advantages of convection heat, which provides intensive aromas, appetizing colors, and crispy crusts. Combi ovens are so easy to use that even inexperienced kitchen staff can consistently achieve superior results without constant monitoring.
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HOLLYMATIC’S 180A Mixer/ Grinder provides four critical characteristics in one machine: high-speed production, superior mixing capabilities, stainless steel construction, and an easy-to-clean design. All of these features add up to a machine that produces a superior grind of meat with little or no risk of cross-species contamination.CONTACT: 708-579-3700,



EuroBakeDue to an upswing in brunch sales, premium toast has quickly become a popular menu item. Take advantage of this rising trend with Top Toast recipes from EURO-BAKE®. The guide can be used to create recipes such as Sweet Farmhouse Country Toast, Blood Orange Parfait Toast, and Grilled Breakfast Toast, using fresh ingredients and artisan Euro-Bake bread loaves.
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TysonGuests don’t just view appetizers as a meal precursor anymore. One mini but mighty appetizer that has become a popular menu addition is mini corn dogs. TYSON’S State fair Mini Corn Dogs are convenient, pop-able, dip-able, and share-able. Quick and easy, mini corn dogs are ready to eat and can be heated in a microwave, oven, or fryer.
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Lamb Weston

LAMB WESTON has teamed up with an independent operator to develop recipes that focus on food trends currently fueling new product success, including global cuisines, creamy flavor carriers, and clean and simple ingredients. These recipes, such as the pictured Gochujang Aioli Teriyaki Burger, are one example of how Lamb Weston is leveraging insights and research to help hoteliers respond to dynamic, consumer trends.
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LibbeyThe captivating appeal of Allure from LIBBEY® begins with its innovative body of Noble China, combining the benefits of hard porcelain with a BoneWhite™ color and elegant sheen. Its eye-catching faceting adds extraordinary dimension to the art of plating. Allure by Schönwald is part of Libbey’s Artistry Collection™.
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HatcoHATCO® CORPORATION is proudly introducing its sleek, modern, low-profile Rapide Cuisine™ Induction Range.  Designed and built for the durability and performance of commercial foodservice use, the Rapide Cuisine is constructed of black ceramic glass to handle the rigors of back-of-the-house cooking and prep areas, but is portable and adaptable for buffet lines and front-of-the-house applications.
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MTSThe 445 Series ABS folding tables from the MTS Continuity Collection 445 Series are lightweight, high-strength, and crafted with an impact resistant honeycomb core. Their unique arched  leg design features a pin-style leg brace  locking mechanism. Available in grey or beige ABS with black legs, the 445 Series exceeds BIFMA test requirements and includes a 15-year warranty.
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RICH’S® Mixing Bowl™ cookies are made  with 100%  real butter,  natural vanilla, and no  artificial ingredients, high-fructose corn  syrup, or hydrogenated oils. Available  to order in six consumer favorite flavors:  Chocolate Chunk, Oatmeal Raisin, Peanut Butter, Butter Sugar, Candy Chip,  and White Chocolate Macadamia Nut.
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iSiThe iSi Professional Charger delivers up to 20% more portions for whipped foods, resulting in up to 20% savings on ingredients without sacrificing quality or taste. The increase in portions also reduces calories and fat per serving. The chargers enable the whippers to whip a greater range of products, such as lower fat creams or non-dairy coconut creams.
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GhirardelliGHIRARDELLI CHOCOLATE COMPANY’S stylish and sleek Maximo Sauce Dispensing System provides economic and environmental benefits by delivering up to 98% product evacuation and reducing landfill waste by 97% with reusable pumps, bottles, and plastic pouches. The system was recently awarded Winner of Best New Product–Packaging at the Specialty Coffee Association of America national trade show.
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Chef & Sommelier®, a premium tabletop brand of ARC CARDINAL, introduces Sequence, a revolutionary line of glassware designed in the United States, debuting the groundbreaking new material Krysta®. The material is a proprietary lead-free crystal glass that complies with the world’s most challenging specifications of superior strength, complete transparency, long-lasting brilliance, and perfect acoustics.
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HLCThe HOMER LAUGHLIN CHINA COMPANY’S Brownfield™ dinnerware line offers endless opportunities for creative, inspired plating. With its curvy coupe shape and peppery-speckled glaze, Brownfield embodies the renaissance of the urban makers—a new generation of artisans who are returning to the art of the handcrafted product. The line includes a variety of plates, bowls, platters, cups, and saucers.
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Marie'sMARIE’S® Dressings full line of refrigerated dressings are made with real premium ingredients for a fresh, clean flavor. With  the growing demand  for menu transparency,  Marie’s Dressings contain  no artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, HFCS,  corn syrup, or gluten. The new portfolio includes White Balsamic Shallot, Blueberry Pomegranate, Creamy Ranch, Super Blue Cheese, Chunky Blue Cheese, Creamy Caesar, Italian Vinaigrette, and Honey Mustard.
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