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State-of-the-art coffee equipment at Hilton Naples makes serving high-quality, premium coffees fast, easy, and much more profitable.

Chocolate Wheel Latte Art
Chocolate Wheel Latte Art

Simplicity of coffee production is integral to providing the variety consumers crave, and both factors together increase revenue. To this end, Hilton Naples (Florida) F&B Director Thomas Donahue researched different potential companies before deciding on NESCAFÉ Milano, using two machines at the property. “One [staff-operated NESCAFÉ Milano 2.0] is in our Shula’s Steak House, and the other is in our concierge lounge, which is for Hilton HHonors members who are Diamond or Gold level and have access any time during the day,” Donahue says. “Other guests may pay to be upgraded to have access to that lounge. We wanted a machine that could be utilized by our staff members in the restaurant but that is also user-friendly and could be used by hotel guests on their own, as an amenity.


The Hilton Naples isn’t alone in needing a simple solution; brewed coffee is taking a backseat to specialty coffees, and espresso-based drinks are becoming a popular alternative to a typical cup of joe. In fact, 50% of the population—about 150 million Americans—drinks espresso, cappuccino, latte, or iced/cold coffees, according to e-importz, a provider of specialty coffee business solutions.

“The U.S. market is evolving slowly but consistently over the past years, with flat performance of traditional brewed coffee, but a steady 6% year-on-year growth of specialty coffee driven by millennial demand,” says Guillaume Langloy, marketing director at Nestlé Professional North America. “This is here to stay, and while specialty coffee is only 15% of the market in cups today, it is 30% of the value.”

The hassle and cost of two-ton espresso machines and experienced baristas intimidates many hotel operators from entering the game, but innovations in specialty coffee are making it simple and cost-effective to add a variety of specialty coffees to the menu. For example, the ease of use of NESCAFÉ Milano 2.0 makes service of a large variety of specialty coffee options feasible, and the math is easy: more cups means more revenue. NESCAFÉ Milano 2.0 can produce a latte in less than 45 seconds.

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Servers can make five or six cappuccinos in three minutes versus two and a half to three minutes per cappuccino, which would take them away from their tables, says Hilton Naples (Florida) F&B Director Thomas Donahue. “They are pushing coffee drinks more than they were in the past, and that’s really increased our sales.”

“We use regular and decaf espresso; we can do cappuccinos, macchiatos, American coffee—anything a guest may request,” Donahue says. “We’ve watched our sales increase, and it’s not because we’re promoting it any differently, other than putting the drinks on our menu. Our service team now wants to sell those cappuccinos and espressos because [the equipment] is so user-friendly. They can do five or six cappuccinos in three minutes versus two and a half to three minutes per cappuccino. They are pushing coffee drinks, and that’s really increased our sales.”

“Getting into specialty is not as easy as it sometimes looks, and service is a critical component of success,” says Langloy. “Running a hotel is complex enough, and the last thing you want to worry about is coffee. NESCAFÉ Milano is a real turnkey solution. Through our PROCARE program, we stay by your side all along—from installation, staff training, and preventive maintenance, all the way to providing seasonal marketing material in order to grow your sales.”

Quality isn’t sacrificed by speed of service, which is critical. Seventy percent of consumers say disappointing coffee negatively impacted their attitudes or behavior toward the offending restaurant, according to Datassential. “Our Shula’s guests are very discerning, and they know the difference between pushing a button or making a fresh cappuccino or espresso,” Donahue notes. With NESCAFÉ Milano 2.0, quality is consistent from cup to cup and doesn’t depend on the mood or ability of the barista.


Beyond simplicity of service and flavor variety and quality, another factor really sealed the deal for Donahue in choosing NESCAFÉ Milano 2.0. “The deciding factor was their demonstration and willingness to come out and do the demo onsite,” he explains. “They had a full-service rig. All the product we need to utilize is stocked by current purveyors, so there was no special ordering; we weren’t told we had to buy the product from a certain company. They say if we have a problem, it will be corrected within 24 hours,” he says. “But we haven’t seen 24 hours come yet; they are usually here within an hour or two.”


Latte Art

Latte art can transform even the simplest of coffees into something special. With NESCAFÉ® Milano it takes less than half the time of a manual coffee machine to prepare a Latte. With just a few simple instructions from expert ProCare consultants, your staff can enhance the presentation of the beverage while still satisfying customers faster.

Chocolate Wheel Latte Art Chocolate Wheel — Difficulty: 1 (Easiest) — Watch the Video
Celtic Latte Art Celtic — Difficulty: 4 — Watch the Video
Flower Latte Art Flower — Difficulty: 5 — Watch the Video


Nescafé Milano
More cups means more revenue, and Nescafé Milano can produce a latte in less than 45 seconds.


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