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A grand hotel with a storied pedigree, the AAA five-Diamond rated Ponte Vedra (Florida) Inn & Club offers upscale, oceanfront accommodations. Executive Chef Hermann Muller doesn’t have time to waste on anything. That’s why, he says, Ovention Ovens  Matchbox 1313 was the perfect fit for their walk-up, oceanfront snack bar that  serves upwards of 5,000 people Ovention Matchbox1313 Front Rper day.

“We didn’t offer pizza before, because we couldn’t do it fast enough,” Muller says. “From the time customers walk up to the counter, pay, and then wait, minutes are important. Our cheese and pepperoni pizzas are prepared in three minutes.”

Ovention Matchbox1313 Double StackEasy-to-use Ovention ovens bake, broil, cook, grill, and roast, with the one-touch, graphics-based  FlexTemp™ control system that provides up to 1,000  unique cook settings that can vary up to 50 degrees from cook to cook.

Ovention’s customer service and onsite training helped Muller make the decision to try the oven too. With 24/7/365 service, Ovention’s team answers questions and provides suggestions on preparing items.  — KK