Supplier Notes: March/April 2017

Noteworthy announcements from the hotel vendor community.

According to Technomic’s Snacking Occasion Report, 60% of consumers are seeking healthier snacks. As a result, parfaits are up 10%, and smoothies are now No. 5 of the top 10 drinks on restaurant menus. To further drive sales opportunities, research shows that consumers will pay 34% more for items made with Greek yogurt, and nearly three-quarters of consumers are more likely to purchase a parfait that is Dannon-branded.

Mike Miles, VP of sales of DANNON FOODSERVICE, says, “As consumer demand for healthier snacks increases, we know yogurt can serve as a flexible ingredient for menu items that can be served throughout the day. Parfaits and smoothies made with Greek or traditional yogurt and branded with Dannon are refreshing, convenient choices for patrons and profitable revenue generators for chefs and operators.”  For more information, visit

To help today’s foodservice decision-makers deal with concerns such as increased competition, rapidly changing tastes and trends, and rising rents and wages, TYSON FOODSERVICE is transforming into a customer-centric enterprise that understands what’s “on the line” for operators. In this unique role, Tyson Foodservice will challenge team members to help reduce risk and frustration on the operators so they have greater opportunities for success.

This division, named Tyson Foodservice Teams, is comprised of small, specialized “Foodservice Teams” focused on its main channels, including Restaurant, College & University, K-12, Healthcare, Convenience, Hospitality, and Military. Each specialty team is trained to actively listen to operators and keep abreast of the economic climate, emerging trends, and operational issues that impact their reality. Ultimately, the goal of Tyson Foodservice Teams is to provide carefully curated solutions, insight’s and trusted counsel necessary to help fuel an operator’s success and competitive advantage.

In support of this effort, Tyson Foodservice Teams launched an extensive “What’s On The Line?” marketing and training effort focused on understanding and valuing what’s at stake for operators. For more information, visit

iSi NORTH AMERICA promoted Jeanette Brick to the role of president, effective January 1. As president, Brick is responsible for all sales, marketing, and operations of iSi North America. Brick began her career with the company in August 2013 as VP of sales and marketing-foodservice. Last year, her responsibilities were increased to include retail as well as foodservice, for the New Jersey-based company. Prior to joining iSi, Brick was VP of marketing at the foodservice tabletop company Arc Cardinal. “Jeanette has been a much valued partner in growing our business over the past three plus years,” says Rick Agresta, CEO of iSi North America. “Her strategic decision making, supported by extensive industry knowledge and experience, has enabled us to build a stronger supply chain, improve our culinary support, and penetrate new markets.”

In addition to her experience with European companies, Brick brought an understanding of combining sales and marketing to iSi. “I believe that marketing and sales are two halves of one whole, and when they work in lockstep, that’s when the magic happens,” she says. For more information, visit

According to a 2016 Datassential survey, foodservice operators view BUTTERBALL among the top three turkey brands in terms of awareness, and 56% associate Butterball with quality turkey. A Technomic Consumer study shows that nearly 60% of consumers think of ordering an item from seeing the Butterball name on a restaurant menu, while three in five consumers think of trying new dishes. With a focus on one protein, Butterball dedicates production and development resources to ensure its turkey is of the highest quality. The company’s continued supply chain stability, coupled with an in-depth understanding of the foodservice landscape, ensures Butterball products are ideal for foodservice. Variety and versatility of the product portfolio allow operators to differentiate their menu and meet customer needs. For product information, recipes, and menu ideas, visit

SERVER PRODUCTS has announced the appointment of Lauren Peters as customer service supervisor. Peters will manage all day-to-day activities of the customer service team and its interactions with customers, sales reps, and international distributors, as well as other internal Server Products departments.

Server Products has a complete line of innovative dispensing and holding solutions perfect for any operation. For more information, visit