Step Show: Better Floor Care Practices

Task-oriented cleaning tools keep front-of-house floors safe and sound.

For your guests, floors are perhaps the most overlooked part of your hotel and your F&B venues—in many cases, as it should be. Dirty or sticky floors call attention to your walking surface in an undesirable way, and you certainly don’t want your floor to become top-of-mind for a guest because of a slip-and-fall accident. And if you do have beautiful floors that you want your guests to notice, they’d better be clean.

Oreck Commercial floor care products have a rich history in the hotel sector. The brand was created by David Oreck in 1963, who had an obvious, yet radical idea: design a lightweight, yet powerful, corded vacuum to help increase the efficiency and productivity of hotel housekeepers who were using much heavier models.

Most recently, Oreck Commercial announced that it was bringing the power and efficiency of the brand front-of-house. The company launched a suite of three cordless products designed to address SmAHT cleaning challenges. SmAHT is a proprietary term, created by Oreck Commercial, referring to small-area, high-traffic locations such as restaurants, lobbies and entryways, self-serve pantries, elevators, and lounges and bars. The Oreck Commercial line addresses the unique challenges of real-time quick cleaning without disrupting business or disturbing guests and patrons with noise. In addition, the products help reduce potential slip and fall liability by quickly removing spills and debris.

These SmAHT tools are quick to deploy and lightweight, leveraging the power and efficiencies of cordless technology. All three are powered by M-PWRTM 20V lithium ion batteries that are interchangeable among the products. This cordless technology also helps reduce the potential for trips and falls related to cords plugged into outlets.

The HydroVac is a compact scrubber/dryer that cleans spills, such as sodas, wine or other beverages, on hard surfaces. Cleaning solution can be dispensed from the scrubber onto the spill if needed to combat stickiness before drying the surface. Dual 1.5-quart tanks separate the clean water from the dirty water. Antimicrobial TPE scrub brushes are designed to prevent food debris from sticking to the brush.

The TaskVac is a compact, cordless upright vacuum that allows staff to quickly, quietly and efficiently remove embedded dirt and debris from public areas.

The SlingVac is a multipurpose, lightweight dust-mop and vacuum that offers greater mobility and portability to its users. It includes a hard-floor tool and microfiber dust mop, an above-floor tool for hard-to-reach areas, as well as an upholstery tool.

With the addition of its line of tools designed for SmAHT cleaning, Oreck Commercial gives hotel and hospitality operators the cordless tools they need to maintain positive guest impressions at any point during the day.

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