Spotlight: Parade of Banquet Carts and Mobile Cooking – January/February 2017

Farm Table Chevron Table
A new Farm Table Induction Station (left) from LION’S WOOD BANQUET  FURNITURE conceals induction warmers beneath its stone top. Use it as a buffet table every day, and keep things warm for events. Concealed casters make it easily mobile from event to event. And the Chevron Induction Station (right) offers a full palette of possibilities for finishes. All of Lion’s Wood’s induction stations are available with surface-mounted cooking units or concealed  warming units as shown.

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Spring USA

Created  with convenience  and air quality in mind, SPRING USA’s Mobile Culinary Station serves as a self-contained, mobile induction station, with refrigerated drawers. The unit features two 1,800-watt SM-181R MAX Induction Ranges, an integrated air filtration system, and refrigerated drawers.

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CRES COR’s new EB-120 plate banquet cart has improved sight lines over the top of the unit when in transport and angled canned fuel holders for better heat dispersion.

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Whether you are serving large banquets or have a tight kitchen, the PLATE-MATE system provides a lasting and effective solution for your problems.  It quickly pays for itself with faster service and fewer servers.

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IHS Global Alliance 2017 JanFeb Spotlight

The Cool Cube is a fusion of style and architectural  brilliance—a table with endless cooking and beverage  functions.  IHS GLOBAL ALLIANCE is the originator of interchangeable cooking and holding table systems. And now, the most affordable.

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Alto-Shaam Alto-Shaam
ALTO-SHAAM mobile banquet carts are built for the most challenging events. Use onsite or off-premise, for plated functions and buffets or for room service. Holds food warm at a precise temperature for hours.

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Mobile plate racks by ELOMA enable you to prepare your menu outside of peak times. Simply prepare up to 120 meals, load the fully plated dishes onto the rack, and wheel it into the walk-in. Shortly before meal service, roll the plate rack into the Eloma combi steamer, re-therm the dishes, cover the rack with Eloma’s thermal hood, and roll it to the banquet site for serving.

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