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Featuring Bunn.

The Ridge Hotel in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, just finished a multi-million-dollar renovation that included the installation of a lobby coffee shop named Bean + Vine and entrusted Bunn espresso machines with the job of introducing their customers to their new service.

“We did our research of all the other suppliers and determined that Bunn’s Espress Sure Tamp 1-Step Super Automatic Espresso Machine and also their Espress Sure Tamp Steam 2-Step Super Automatic 0.5L Espresso Machine were the best machines for our needs,”  says F&B Director Robert Johnson. “We use Colectivo coffee, so the representatives from Colectivo came out with those from Bunn, and they calibrated the machines to our needs. They made it easy for us, and the machines have worked great ever since.”

What Johnson likes about the 1-Step machine is that it grinds to the right specifications with a touch of a button. “It’s awesome, because it also has a two-gallon milk chamber with a refrigerator that we placed under the counter. It allows us to offer two different types of hot and cold foamed milk to our customers,” Johnson adds.

Bunn-Machine4Johnson says the 2-Step machine is perfect for those people who want more variety than just dairy milk; for instance, soy or almond milk. “The 2-Step grinds the same as the 1-Step but has a wand that instantly heats the milk you choose, and it also has two different grinders for two different types of espresso beans. It gives us the best of both worlds.”

The coffee shop has received positive reviews from hotel guests, for its easy access to fresh coffee. “We even have people who are not staying at the hotel stop by just for the coffee,” Johnson says. “It’s fast and convenient for them on their morning commute.” —AA