Key to the Pantry: September/October 2016

Tools and ingredients to improve your operations.

American Metalcraft

As the cocktailing trend continues to grow, AMERICAN METALCRAFT reinvents drinking vessels with interesting alternatives to traditional glassware.  Focusing on trendy looks in natural elements, several designs are made of antique and shiny copper, stainless steel in satin and mirror finishes, black, and even gold with brass handles.


Crafted from rich, never bitter 100% Arabica Gevalia coffee, creamy almond milk, and just enough sweetness, GEVALIA Iced Coffee with Almond Milk is a premium beverage that allows a sweet indulgence with 170 calories per 11.1-oz. carton. The ready-to-drink beverage is ideal for grab ‘n’ go convenience and helps capitalize on the year-round appeal of iced coffee.


The FWE PHTT-1220-8 Clymate IQ Humidified Heated  Holding Cabinet  is a mid-sized  unit that keeps set point values within a tight range throughout the day and makes recovery to set  temperatures extremely fast. The unit features a smaller, portable design that can be located almost anywhere for safe and easy access.



Savor an extraordinary espresso or exceptional cup of coffee from one single machine, the ILLY iperEspresso capsule system. The illy espresso capsules use a two-stage process for an aromatic, full-bodied espresso with a rich, long-lasting crema. The illy coffee capsules feature a high-performance mini filter designed to brew an exceptionally flavorful and aromatic cup of coffee.



Retain optimum freshness and taste of your pre-chilled food offerings with the new Refrigerated Slim Drop-In Wells from HATCO®. Able to accommodate one to four full-size food pans, the Refrigerated Slim Drop-In Wells and pans are placed in a lengthwise, narrow fashion, allowing customers to have an easy reach to the food products.


PerdueThe entire PERDUE® Brand Turkey product line is now part of the NO ANTIBIOTICS EVER portfolio. Offerings include a wide breadth of products including a range of roasts—from premium pan roasts and raw roasts to oven-roasted turkey breasts—as well as sliced meats, burgers, franks, sausages, and breakfast meats.

LantmannenCrafted with premium ingredients in classic European tradition, SCHULSTAD® mini Danish pastries feature the rich, flaky texture that perfectly complements a warm cup of coffee. Pre-proofed Mini Signature Selection pastries are available in a 120-count case with five indulgent flavor varieties: Cherry Chocolate Coronet, Toasted Coconut Swirl, Salted Caramel Braid, Strawberry Shortcake Crown, and Lemon Cheesecake Coronet.




The Gridless™ Heated Transport Cart from CARTER-HOFFMANN allows food to be heated on the move. With two different sized units, the cart can be run off of a 120-volt AC outlet or two on-board 12-volt batteries. After a charge time of less than six hours, the unit is able to run off the grid for four to six hours.



Grilling is a megatrend across all categories of restaurants. VILLEROY & BOCH has rethought the concept of grilling in terms of design and function and developed BBQ Passion. The concept consists of steak plates in different sizes, serving dishes, and many more pieces that offer ambitious grill cuisine attractive and smart presentation designs.