Key to the Pantry: November/December 2016

Tools and ingredients to improve your operations.

16NovDec_PR_AmCraftAMERICAN METALCRAFT introduces new waterproof, smudge-proof, and fade-proof Securit Waterproof Glass and Chalkboard Markers to protect artistic creations and marketing messages. In small and large tip sizes, they come in six colors (white, black, yellow, green, blue, and red) and work on all non-porous surfaces including signage displays, glass, mirrors, and plastics.

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16NovDec_PR_HatcoThe new, multi-purpose, dry Round Heated Well (RHW) by HATCO® features a heating element temperature that is monitored by an electronic controller for evenly distributed heat. The RHW also offers three temperature set-points and features an energy-saving low-power mode. The Freestanding RHW is available as a single or dual model, while the Built-In RHW is a single model.

CONTACT: 888-814-0032,


MTS SeatingContinuity Collection Folding Tables from MTS SEATING are attractive, durable, and exceed BIFMA standards. Choose from four styles including: lightweight ABS, premier and standard laminate tops with vinyl edges, heavyduty plywood, or durable lightweight HDPE tables. With a variety of leg styles and color options, you can select the folding table that meets your exact needs.

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16NovDec_PR_LantmannenLANTMÄNNEN UNIBAKE USA presents the flavorful, healthy multigrain breads guests are craving with hearty, seeded loaves from Euro-Bake®. Artisanal loaves such as Farmhouse Country, Three Seeded Oval, and Swiss Muesli serve as excellent platforms for specialty toast and sandwiches. Healthboosting ingredients such as sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and flax seeds add distinctive texture and unforgettable flavor.

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16NovDec_PR_WholeEarthWHOLE EARTH SWEETENER CO. has launched its full range of naturally sourced, carefully crafted, and blended zero- and lower-calorie sweetener products. As part of the launch, the company announced that Starbucks has chosen Whole Earth Sweetener Co.’s Nature Sweet® as the company’s first stevia-based sweetener to be served at U.S. and Canada Starbucks locations.

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Rational RemoteThe new Rational Remote App from RATIONAL USA helps chefs stay connected to the SelfCookingCenter® via iPhone or iPad. Connecting to the same network, the screen content of the SelfCookingCenter® is displayed on the device, allowing chefs to monitor and control their kitchen remotely. The free Rational Remote App is available for download now at the iTunes App Store.

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