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In this digital age, something as simple as a telephone call, let alone a personal visit, has become too time-consuming or inconvenient for many. Spoken communication has become a lost art in personal friendships as well as business relationships. Not so with Nate Waldron, director of operations at the Heldrich Hotel & Conference Center in New Brunswick, New Jersey, and Ken Persson, VP of sales and marketing at Maywood Furniture Corporation.

“I’ve been in this business for over 20 years and have worked at multiple Benchmark Hospitality International properties, and I have never nor would ever come to anyone but Ken for tables,” vows Waldron.

The Heldrich uses Maywood’s Conference Series tables, the Original Series buffet tables, half-rounds, and rounds, as well as the pedestal tables. Waldron says they’ve passed the test of time since the Heldrich opened 10 years ago.

Maywood 2016 1112“Beyond the quality of the product, Maywood really cares about customer satisfaction. We recently ordered additional tables like ones we’d first ordered 10 years ago, and when they got here, they had a slightly different leg design than the original ones. Ken came here and changed out all the legs by hand so they matched,” Waldron says.

Maywood was started 90 years ago with the tenets of quality and customer service, which Waldron attests are still running strong, especially in executives such as Persson. —AA