Hotel Phillips Adds Artisanal Coffee Bar


Many hotel guests (I’m raising my hand, too) wake up and take a stroll to find the nearest local coffee shop for a hearty, satisfying brew. That’s why it’s pretty puzzling when a full-service hotel scrimps on its coffee offerings. It’s a steaming cup of missed opportunity.

Arbor Lodging Partners, owner of the Hotel Phillips, doesn’t intend to miss out in downtown Kansas City. It’s launching an artisanal coffee bar, Kilo Charlie—the product of a coffee partnership with Philadelphia-based master coffee roasters La Colombe.

Kilo Charlie, derived from the radio call signals for “K” and “C,” will serve as an “elegant, yet approachable and unique gathering place for coffee dwellers—comfortably accommodating single and group coffee aficionados, as well as on-the-go commuters and hotel guests,” states an announcment from Arbor. Kilo Charlie is positioned on the corner of 12th Street and Baltimore, in the heart of downtown Kansas City, and will offer a variety of hot and cold artisanal coffee drinks and brews.

“Kilo Charlie will not only awaken the senses with top-shelf coffee offerings from La Colombe, but will serve as a unique, comfortable gathering place for Hotel Phillips’ guests and Kansas City residents,” says Vamsi Bonthala, co-founder and CEO of Arbor Lodging Partners. “Make no mistake, Kilo Charlie will not be your run-of-the-mill coffee bar. Like all of the exciting new concepts in Hotel Phillips, the coffee bar will provide patrons with exquisite service, unique coffee offerings, and a comfortable atmosphere.”

The coffee bar is positioned as a “bar” and not a “standard coffee shop.” Named one of Best Coffee Roasters in the Country by Thrillist, La Colombe coffee is headed by founder Rich Todd Carmichael, who travels the world to bring global beans stateside. Some menu items patrons can anticipate sipping include:

Draft Latte: Incorporates milk into pressurized nitro coffee mix, which results in a creamy and sweet cold beverage, without added milk or sugar

Pure Black Coffee: Cold-pressed coffee served over ice, straight from the tap

Classic Comfort: No coffee menu is complete without favorites such as drip coffee, espresso, French press, macchiatos, cappuccinos and more

More details about the concept will be announced soon.