From the Editors: Welcome to HFAB

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Dear Hotel F&B Professionals,

Since 2002, Hotel F&B has been exclusively devoted to the hotel food and beverage industry. Now, we’re delighted to become the official publication of the Hotel Food and Beverage Leadership Association (HFAB). The mission of this group is to elevate F&B within the hotel industry. Our vision is to promote the contributions of F&B through success stories, research, information, education, and networking.

In an ideal world, there would be no question that well-executed F&B delivers the following benefits to hotels:

    • Attracts more hotel guests, groups, and customers
    • Profitably contributes to overall hotel operations
    • Draws qualified new people to the lodging industry
    • Increases the talent pool of future hotel industry leaders
    • Creates customer connections as food experiences grow in importance

Working together is important. Won’t you join us as an inaugural member? Membership is complimentary. Just go to

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