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March/April 2017: The Lobbies Issue

From the Editor: Lobby Life – When I started at Hotel F&B back in 2007, hoteliers were just starting to recognize the power of lobbies as a way to satisfy rapidly changing preferences for how and when guests seek, choose, and consume F&B. Today, that strategy has evolved from simply shifting as much F&B into the lobby as possible, to integrating venues directly into a lobby design plan. The result is an effective and profitable F&B template targeting guest demographics and their corresponding drinking and dining habits… [read more]

Cover Story: Lobby located, Spanish-themed F&B gives AC Hotels a unique identity in the select-service lifestyle category.

January/February 2017: The Kitchens Issue

2017 0102 JanFeb CoverFrom the Editor: Cooking Up a New Menu – Hotel F&B begins 2017 with very exciting news: In early December 2016, BNP Media acquired Hotel F&B magazine. Founded in 1926, BNP Media currently publishes 50 business-to-business magazines catering to distinct industry markets. The acquisition primes Hotel F&B to make our market coverage even more robust… [read more]

Cover Story: To Each His Own – With separate P&Ls for each F&B operation, Pacific Hospitality Group has streamlined production and service and boosted morale at Paséa Resort & Spa.

November/December 2016

From the Editor: F&B Face Time – Working virtually has its merits. Technology has blown the lid off what was possible in the past, but when all is said and emailed, there’s still a flesh-and-blood staffer selling your F&B to real live guests… [read more]

Cover Story: Talking Turnkey – Smaller is better for Holiday Inn’s new menus focus, put into motion consistently across the brand through its C.A.S.H. training program. 

September/October 2016

2016 September October coverFrom the Editor: Getting Better All the Time – Throughout this issue, you’ll discover many examples of F&B operations striving to get better, and rejecting complacency. We hope you can apply some of their proven, profitable ideas at your own properties to boost your bottom line… [read more]

Cover Story: Besting Breakfast – How Best Western bested itself and its guest satisfaction with improved breakfast standards.

July/August 2016

Jul/Aug 2016 CoverFrom the Editor: Big Picture Business – Seeing both the micro and the macro isn’t always easy, but the most successful in our industry keep their eyes trained on both… [read more]

Cover Story: Greater Wolf – Families howl for healthy, allergy-sensitive F&B focus


May/June 2016

May/June 2016 CoverFrom the Editor: Push, Perfect, and Prosper – “Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.”… [read more]

Cover Story: New Fashioned – Fairmont’s Classics. Perfected. cocktail program finds the right recipe for consistency across 26 countries.


March/April 2016

March/April 2016 CoverFrom the Editor: What’s Your Next Twist? – “Remember the times you’ve wandered down from the room to an evening reception, piled some tortilla chips onto a plate with some queso and spinach dip, sipped half of a saccharine margarita, and silently snuck back upstairs? Practically speaking, it’s (maybe) an okay snack, but it’s not exactly going to sway you to rebook that property on your next visit to that city.”… [read more]

Cover Story: Extended Stimuli – Evening receptions have evolved at Residence Inn properties, where the Mix finds guests engaging over local food truck menus, other local flavors, and more.

January/February 2016

Jan/Feb 2016 CoverFrom the Editor: Talent Show – “A concern we hear constantly from F&B professionals is the struggle to find and keep skilled staff. It’s especially tough at a time when all indicators show lodging F&B is booming, and jobs are plentiful.”… [read more]

Cover Story: The Fight to Retain Talent – Hyatt has the Good Taste to know how to motivate and retain its brightest up-and-comers.


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