Kerfuffle in the Kitchen and other Stuff(ing)

Volunteering to service outside of one's ordinary station, regardless of managerial hierarchy is called "Snap".

Focus on the Focus Group Surveys

Demand to be the best and demonstrate your willingness to change for the best and experience improvement in your F&B operations.

Cost Is Boss: Increase Food Profit Instead of Sales

What’s like doubling sales, only better? What if, instead of trying to increase sales, the focus instead shifted to significantly increasing profits? Consider that...

P’s and Q’s for F&B

By comparing the number of covers for a given meal period against the potential maximum that could be served in that period, a restaurant manager can gauge the restaurant's efficiency.

Dining with the Old Masters: Great Artwork, Great Food, Great Concept

Chiaroscuro... This technique also allows for dramatic effect and I would impart its use for creating your own unique restaurant theme.

Another One Bites the Dust—And Steak Knives

25 covers on what should have been the busiest night this year. The mid-priced steakhouse around the corner did 350 covers. But those steak knives!

F&B in Smaller Boutique Hotels

So Mr. and Mrs. Newmoney decide that since they have traveled extensively around the globe and stayed at only the most exclusive hotels, they...

The Boutique Hotel GM

Okay, this is not specifically about only F&B, but anyone who has experience with boutique hotels knows that the GM had better have their...