Strategic Thinking for New Innovative MICE-I.T. and Implications for F & B Operations


By Frederick J. DeMicco, Dr. Food Tech and Serena Shen

Meetings, Incentive, Conventions and Expositions (MICE) provide significant revenue for the hotel, resort, and F&B operations. More and more event and conference planners are adding new technology to their venues as participants are demanding these new technological innovations for their events and venues. Previously in a past Dr. Food Tech Blog I wrote about using the Nintendo Wii for coffee breaks (the Wii break) to get attendees involved and up meeting people at the conference during a break.

I recently challenged my strategic management class here at the University of Delaware, full of “millenials,” asking what are some new innovations they would like to see in the future for MICE.  We called this hands-on team exercise in class MICE – I T.
Some suggestions from the UD strategic technologies class included the following:

Use Google Glass to translate the meeting into different languages and use facial recognition technology to connect people on LinkedIn only by looking at their faces through Google Glass. ( QinBian, Yiwen Xu, Yufei, Wang, Yunmei Bai, Nan Jiang, Teng Wang).

“Avatar Conferencing,” a completely virtual conference so that you could hold it anywhere, such as on a safari in a jungle, on top of the Empire state building, or a NYC street. Each attendee would create their own avatar. Avatars can interact with one another and attend lectures and discussions, and explore the virtual world! (Katelyn Morse, Mary Palma, Allison Hanik, Caroline Sohodski)

Mobile/Virtual kiosk ordering system that allows you to view the menu and order food from anywhere. Upon ordering, a message provides the location and time to pick-up your food. (Jessica Wincott, Schuyler Lehman, Jennifer Turowski).

GPS tracker with RFID—CRM: Attendees wear a GPS tracker that tracks what exhibits they have already attended and whether they “liked it” or not and suggests other exhibits based on the ones they have already been to. ( Rachel Borkoski, Samantha Dominguez, Stephanie Hepner, Lindsay Canell).

“MICE Trap:” Instant LinkedIn. Write a brief profile and meet other people in conferences. You can chat with them and even meet up with them. A networking opportunity while technology advances. ( Junyi Chung, Michael Diminick, Mattew Heck).

Pre-arrival: 3-D virtual tour of convention set-up and facility with information on each group sent to iPad, smart phones and emails. ( Nina Clark, Robert Serpico, Lindsay Rogers).

Audio Device and Virtual Food menu cart that plays information on a particular wine being served from the vineyard. (Alexandra Rufo, Megan Smutz, Amy Cohn, Kimberly Lindell).

Add microphones to MICE conference name badges. (Leigh Redefer, Sara Kazmierski, Jessica Rosenberg).

Virtual holograms of key note speakers available in the privacy of your home. You can also follow along with text and slides on a tablet. (Brian Prickrill, Alexander Vellios, Seth Bergman, Anne Truono).

Phone technology that allows interactive contact sharing without the use of business cards. Contact information is stored directly into your phone/tablet along with links to person’s bio/resume, business position and company’s information, automatically add them to “MICE Trap”, Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in, and all other social media connection sites. (Callie D’Ambrisi, Alexandra Giannini, Adam Cowperthwait, Stephanie Johnson).

An all-encompassing smartphone app, which can be interfaced with a phone, tablet or computer. Capabilities include:

  • Provides information on all aspects of the conference: maps, schedules, list of vendors, etc.
  • Social networking: attendees can share thoughts with one another, network, and post ideas.
  • Pre-registration and check-in.
  • Real time responses to questions during speeches.
  • All purchasing completed during conference, monitored by the App: Track trends, and order room service.

(Jean Thomae, Morgan West, Maria Trasolini, Kaitlyn Wendler).

Space Conferences: take your meeting to the moon! ( Brandon Groux, Alexander Vellions, Lauren Mitchell, Dingchao He, Julie Garafalo).

Hologram Guest Speakers: Allows having top experts and specialists and informative people speak at a lower cost. (Anam Ahmed, Justin Tansey, John Guzman).

Telecommunicator for event guests that can translate foreign languages directly into their ear bud (iPhone) or Google Glass ear piece. ( Erin Marshall, Yuchen Song, Fengming Yu, Pinyi Zhao, Nguyen Tran, Jing Zhang).

After reading these, I would enjoy hearing from you on any additions to this MICE IT list, and what you may have thought of some of the ideas above.

Thank you.  Cheers.  Fred DeMicco, Dr. Food Tech