Using Pinterest in Your Hotel F&B Operation


By Dr. Fred J. DeMicco & Mike Teng, the University of Delaware

Pinterest is a new social media tool that can be used in your F&B operation. Since it is web-based, you can engage all of your customers and far flung global hotels using this tool. You can create your own hotel “group” on Pinterest for your managers and/or associates as a training and education device. For example, you can “pin” articles from trade magazines, any guest comments, new recipes with photos, etc., to share with your staff (anywhere in the world).

Think of Pinterest as a giant bulletin board for employees (and guests) to see. We have been using this here at the University of Delaware in our classes, for students to share Wall Street Journal articles with the class. You can also engage all of your operations to share new recipes, marketing ideas, and guest comments all in a very user-friendly and fun space on the Web.

You can even set up a Pinterest board for your guests to share photos of their visits, photos of menu items, and new recipes. The sky is the limit for using Pinterest as a free tool to market and provide training and educational materials in your hotel F&B operation. Below are instructions.

Instructions to use Pinterest for group learning in hotel food and beverage operations:

Click here to create an account.

The creator of the group board should have a list of all the members’ email addresses that they use to create the account. Make sure everyone has an account. Once the creator logs in, go to “Create a Board.” After filling in the Board Name, selected a Board Category. In the “Who can pin?” section, type in each member’s email address to invite them one by one.

Other members should receive an invitation email, which will lead them to the group board to accept the invitation. After all the members have accepted the invitation, it’s time for pinning.

Everyone should go here and scroll down to find the “Pin It” button, and drag the button to the browser toolbar. When you find the article you want to pin, just click the “Pin It” button on your browser toolbar, and Pin the picture of the article. Remember to select the group board when pinning.

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