Buzz About Hotel F&B Social Media Patterns (SMPs)


These days you have to be scanning the environment to see what guests are saying about you on social networks.

Be Proactive

You have to these days to protect your turf. There are “best practices” for Online Social Media (OSM) management being used to scan to see in real time what quests are saying about you, both positive and negative. They boil down to (1) engage with all comments, both positive and negative ones; and (2) measure aggregate positive/negative trends over time. Everybody can do this, and everybody is trying to make their solution sound unique. Good luck with that. But what if we consider said “best practices” to be a mere baseline? Is there a technology that gives this conventional wisdom a good whack in the head? I believe the answer is yes.

It’s called Pattern Based Analytics (PBA), and nobody can do it but Quantum Leap Buzz (this has something to do with patents and a bunch of DoD work over the last decade). I have been working with this University of Delaware research-based company, and it provides the best tool (in real time) to stay on top of what your guests are telling to the world.

Don’t take my word for it. The base product is FREE at Download it to your PC or Mac. Not only does it make the product blindingly fast, but no “media gnomes in the cloud” are going to be aggregating (and monetizing) your insights. Fire it up. Spend about six-and-a-half minutes with it and you’ll become a believer. Just enter the name of your hotel or restaurant, and set up a trip-wire of minimum trending “hits.” Then, voila! You will see some remarkable Social Media Patterns (SMPs) that you’d never think to look for in a million years.

What best-selling author is holed up in your Atlanta suite finishing his next pot boiler? How does your brand compare to the competition [The reason Tom Bodette keeps the lights on is (you fill In the blank)]. It even lets you set up an unlimited number of dashboards so trending text message alerts can be sent to your cell phone. This is the free product. Please test drive this.

Now for the top-secret alpha product I’m playing with. They’ve talked about pricing it anywhere from $495 to $995 so “Forget getting your hands on this unless you hire Quantum Leap Innovations to engage in a full analytics services contract with you.” I don’t like that last part. Hopefully, enough of you will contact them (there’s a “Tell us what you think” button on the upper right-hand corner of the free product) and beat them into taking your small investment of a thousand bucks and letting you have the non-free edition. Because it’s a real kick to use!

Imagine being able to set up geo-location parameters, so you can see only the stuff that’s happening in specific areas. Imagine being able to aggregate positive/neutral/negative sentiment AND THEN correlate that with other trending patterns in and around your particular location. And then, you best-practices gurus, imagine inviting your hotel guests to FOLLOW your Twitter links during their stay at your hotel to obtain what the U.S. Navy SEALs call “situational awareness.” Like, where are the traffic jams coming to the hotel, where are quests dining and saying about other competitors?

Want to see this magnificent beast in operation? Let me know. If enough of you express an interest, I’ll convince Quantum Leap Innovations into putting on an invitation-only webinar. In the meantime, download the free version and do some stuff that nobody has ever seen on this planet.