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12 Days of F&B

Happy Holidays to all.

This is my attempt to look at the hotel F&B industry at the current time with a holiday spin; this is also my first posting as a blogger.

By now, we all know the current state of the economy and our industry.  I have spent some time recently seeking the advice of some industry professionals (many with varying viewpoints on the current situation within hotel F&B).  The following are some thoughts/ideas/opinions regarding the current state of affairs and how to conduct business:

12.  Stop predicting when the market/economy will rebound; no one really knows. This is a waste of mental energy.

11.  Focus on the things you can control, i.e., the guests who frequent your establishment on a day-to-day/weekly basis.

10.  Stay passionate.  Show each guest that you want them there. If you want to be there, they will want to return. You must create an atmosphere of true passion.

9.  Be creative, take chances.  Hotel guests enjoy the unexpected, they want to see something different. Work within your group to develop a true passion for creativity.  Hotel restaurants should be fun!

8.  Sell your philosophy to every team member; one person cannot make it happen.  As a leader, you must develop a team that is willing to put forth the extra energy to not only maintain and complete their daily tasks, but go beyond the norm to provide extra value for each guest.  If there is a team member unwilling to fight for each client, then there is a definite disconnect with that individual.

7.  Currently, guests are searching for the best value.  By being creative, you should enhance the value for price paid.  This is crucial in this economic situation, and everyone on the team must understand this point.  The conversation should be, “What can we do to enhance value?” The creation of value should be a team effort.

6.  Communicate with your team.  This is invaluable. As leaders, we must be prepared for anything; effective communication will enable the staff to be better prepared.

5.  Create the sense of urgency.  The F&B setting can be very unpredictable. Service staff must have the sense that every guest is vital to the financial stability of the operation.

4.  Reward great effort.  Even though times are tough, we can still run contests in our outlets. If there is a stellar service moment, the team must know about it and the that individual rewarded.  This will also help you know who really cares on your team.  I believe everyone should be challenged.

3.  Accountability is key.  You are only as good as your weakest team member.  This is not the time to carry associates who are just existing. As leaders, standards should be of ultra importance during this period.

2.  Watch the guy down the street. I believe you must be one step of the competition or match the PR that they generate.  I hate when guests say, “Why can’t you do that?”  Of course, you will not please everyone, but the guest is always right.  Make sure you know what the competition is doing.

1.  Have fun.  Enjoy yourself in 2009. Before you know it, there will be a new hurdle.

Happy holidays. Best of luck to you.

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