One-Touch Pancake Machine » Pancakes at Night and on the Street

American Quick Foods one touch pancake machine For Holiday Inn Express’s 2015 Stay Smart campaign, the hotel brand looked to American Quick Foods, maker of the Quickcakes one-touch pancake machine, as a key partner. Since 2011, the relationship has been highly beneficial for Holiday Inn Express, says Jennifer Gribble, VP for the Holiday Inn Express brand in the Americas.

“We’re having so much fun with it,” Gribble says. “Our entire Stay Smart campaign this year is about our Express Start breakfast bar. We’re talking about breakfast because our guests tell us it’s one of the most influential factors in choosing where they stay. We found an opportunity to tell them about our wonderful one-touch pancake machine that’s delivered by American Quick Foods. As we move from summer into fall, we’re talking about the broader variety we offer at breakfast, because we now offer more than 30 different choices of breakfast.”

Gribble was particularly enthused about a part of the program called Pancakes at Night, which ran through the month of August. The program offered Holiday Inn Express guests in the U.S. and Canada pancakes from 8 p.m. to midnight each evening. During September, the brand’s Pancake Selfie Express truck takes the vibe to the streets. Gribble says the truck features the onetouch machine, promoting the concept to people who may have never stayed at a Holiday Inn Express hotel. The unique promotion involves putting selfie images directly onto the pancakes.

“When you think about serving pancakes at night at more than 2,000 hotels, you need a really great partner, and that’s American Quick Foods,” Gribble says. “They provided 24-hour support to make sure our pancake machines were up and running and ready to delight our guests.”