One of the Hot Trends for 2017: Food Waste?

Geoffrey Sagrans heads purchasing at The Breakers in Palm Beach, Florida.

It is that time of the year when all of the food critics, experts, consultants, and the self-proclaimed culinary gurus of the food world come out of the wood works. They provide us with predictions that sometimes materialize and other times make it no farther than the paper list they were written on.

In reading over a number of these lists, I came across one in particular that was repeated a few times. The prediction was that controlling food waste and/or better utilizing products was a hot trend for 2017.

Unless I’ve been living on another planet, hasn’t controlling food waste and/or better utilizing products always been a routine part of a successful operation (…as opposed to a “trend”)?

When creating menus certain things must always be taken into consideration:

** Cross-Utilization of Products (If an Heirloom Tomato is put on the menu, it should have more than one specific application)

** Product Yields (If your menu contains carrots, onions and celery, consider utilizing the “scraps” for soups, stocks, and sauces)

** Food Waste Plan (If food scraps cannot be used a plan should be in place for the thousands of pounds generated each year by your operation. Applications like composting will put the product to better use. In some cases your operation would not be paying to have those thousands of pounds of scraps hauled away in a dumpster by the local sanitation company. Some operations realize savings each year well into the thousands of dollars.)

At the end of the day I think it is great that this is being addressed. A hot trend?….probably not. Until next time…